Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo Yoga Tablet: "Way better than an iPad"

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

#BetterWay, claims @Lenovo.

Lenovo (HKG:0992) is proud to announce its new tablets. Release date: Today. The latest shiny kit to wear the Yoga badge is thin, light, with super-long batter life, and an innovative, multi-mode design. But not everyone is enamoured with the thing.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers debate and take sides. In fact, you'll wonder if some of them were even testing the same device!

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Good morning, Agam Shah:

Lenovo is claiming that its new Yoga tablets will offer 18 hours of battery life [which] will beat the competition handily. Tablets today [can] squeeze up to 11 hours.


The 8-inch tablet...US$249, weighs [0.88 lbs]. The 10.1-inch [at] $299 [is 1.33 lbs]. ... Other features include a 1.6-megapixel front camera, a 5-megapixel back camera, up to 32GB of internal storage, and micro-SD card slot.  MORE

Bonnie Cha dances on:

Lenovo said it wanted to...make its device stand out from the “sea of sameness,” [so] it features a cylindrical handle that allows you to use the tablet in several different modes. ... You can simply grip the handle for a more comfortable experience when reading. ... [It has] a stand, so you can prop the tablet on a desk [or] lay the device down with the stand out to angle the screen for easier typing.


The cylindrical handle...allowed them to include a larger battery...similar in power to those used in laptops.  MORE

And Mat Honan hones his pitch:

Do you know Lenovo? There’s a decent chance you do. ... But you probably don’t know...that it’s the number one PC vendor in the world. Or...one of the world’s largest handset makers — it sold more phones than PCs last year.


Yoga tries to break out of the sea of square tablets sitting on shelves via a unique industrial design. ... And yet, it’s also pretty inexpensive.  MORE

As ever, James Kendrick runs with it:

Both tablets are essentially the same with the exception of the size. [I'm] impressed with what you get for the price. [I was] immediately impressed with a hardware design that is unique in the crowded Android field. ... Choosing to design the Yogas with the cylinder grip allowed Lenovo to include [a] small kickstand, front-facing stereo speakers, [a] rear camera on the back of the cylinder, [and a] microSD slot under the kickstand.


It's a very good performer...and can rival [speed] of premium tablets. ... [They] impressed us with the speed and performance of this hardware configuration. ... Reading ebooks with the backlighting turned down to 20 percent sees the batteries last for 19/21 hours for the Yoga 10/8.


The outstanding build quality is better than any Samsung tablet...and the low price point makes these tablets a good value proposition.  MORE

Wait. Fast? Great quality? Low price? Ron Amadeo reaches a completely different conclusion:

It's worth noting Google destroys those specs at a similar price point. Heck, last year's Nexus 7 had better specs than this at a cheaper price.


Performance is best described as "bad." ... Every animation lags—the whole device is a slow mess. [It] looks like something from a 90s Radio Shack shelf. [It's] easily outclassed by any Samsung or Google tablet.


The Nexus 7 has a lower price, a faster processor, better build quality and materials, a brighter, higher resolution screen, and a newer version of Android. ... The 10-inch version [only has] a 150ppi screen. ... Either one is going to be a tough sell.  MORE

Meanwhile, Susan Rice Wagener tells me she failed to find out more:

Watched #Lenovo announcement. Clicked link for more info.


All I see is page that says "test." #FAIL.  MORE

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