iOS 7 'Innsbruck' copies... Windows Metro? Here's why fanbois may hate it...

Sir Jony Ive 'invents' the Windows 8 UI.

iOS 7 flat UI Innsbruck

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is rumored to be readying a radical iOS 7 update. Well, radical if you've never seen Windows 8 or Windows Phone, that is. We're told that Ive's team has declared all-out war on skeuomorphism, creating a flat UI, like Windows Metro (oh, sorry, 'Modern UI'). But will existing iPhone and iPad users hate change, in the same way that WIndows 8 users miss the Start menu?

In IT Blogwatch, your humble blogwatcher can't resist poking a little fun for your entertainment.

Mark Gurman listens to his pet deep-throats:

According to multiple people who have either seen or have been briefed on the upcoming iOS 7 [its] redesigned user-interface...will be attractive to new iOS users. ... The new interface is said to be “very, very flat”...loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism...having a level of “flatness” approaching...Windows Phone.


iOS 7 is codenamed “Innsbruck,” according to three people familiar with the OS. ... [It] stems from Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jony Ive now spearheading interface design...a radical departure from Apple under Steve Jobs [who was] a proponent of life-like interfaces..  MORE

Nick Bilton says the unsayable:

Microsoft, the arbiter of uncool, was at the forefront of design a few years ago. ... It turns out the company’s decision to focus on “flat design”...was a few years ahead of the rest of the...industry.


Apple is expected to flatten its operating system interfaces. ... Facebook has been slimming flat and legible shapes.  MORE

So WWDC will be chock-full of flat, modern UIs, yes? Jonny Evans says no:

The reorganization...took place relatively recently, and there's surely not been sufficient time for Ive's plans to be fully realized.


Apple knows it has competition. ... Take the flagship Android device, Samsung's Galaxy S4: This has a bunch of UI elements that look nice on a press release but suck in real life. ... When all the devices look alike, software becomes the key differentiator.  MORE

Innsbruck? Why Innsbruck? MG Siegler knows:

[It's] the capital city of...Tyrol in western Austria, known for its skiing. ...all previous codenames of iOS builds have been named after ski resorts. iOS 6 was “Sundance”, for example.


Sounds like “flat” is indeed the new black..  MORE

But Mark Guim is mostly a Metro fan:

I wonder how iOS users are going to react to this change. ... A “flat design” removes artificial elements like lighting effects that make buttons and controls look like they’re made from metal.


I have some likes and dislikes about this design. ... The design language on Windows Phone is more typography-based. ... While I do like this approach, I sometimes feel there’s too much text.  MORE

Meanwhile, Darrell Etherington wonders who moved his cheese: won’t see things that are leather-bound, faux yellow notepads, or lighting effects. ...a big change from earlier comments that any changes made by Ive would be relatively subtle.


The changes...could result in a negative reaction from users who’ve grown used to the current Apple way of doing things. ... The look and feel of iOS has undergone only minor changes since its original launch.


For now, a brand new look...will likely be enough to draw a lot of attention.  MORE

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