Facebook beheading video is/isn't/is/isn't OK: smh

beheading video censored by Facebook

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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) can't make its mind up. Is this video of a woman being beheaded 'for cheating' OK -- because it condemns the act and thus promotes the 'right' kind of discourse? Or is it unacceptable -- because it might be seen by the 'wrong' kind of people?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think of the children.

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Zach Miners excavates the news:

A gruesome video that was recently...allowed by the company was removed Tuesday, as the social network looks to strengthen its policies around...graphic content. ... Although it was extremely graphic, Facebook allowed the video to stay up [on Monday], in keeping with its mission to be a platform for free expression.


"We have re-examined [it] and have concluded that [it] improperly and irresponsibly glorifies violence," a Facebook spokesman said. ... Facebook acknowledges that it walks a tough line between allowing...free speech and public awareness, without letting it be seen by whom it considers to be the wrong people. [It] said it wants to take a more holistic view of the context surrounding violent images or video.  MORE

Graham Cluley's angle is unabashed: "Facebook knows that it screwed up badly":

Many people, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, had expressed their revulsion and disgust that [it] was refusing to act on requests to remove [the] video of a woman being beheaded.


Back in May it did say it was taking action...citing concerns about psychological damage. ... Facebook has clearly realised the weight of opinion was against it...saying it was (once again) returning to a policy of more strongly acting on reports.


[Facebook] doesn’t actually go so far as to say sorry to people who were traumatised...or accept that it could have added to the distress of the family and friends of the person who was killed, or acknowledge that it has any responsibility to protect the millions of youngsters who use [Facebook]... but it’s a start.  MORE

Ah Facebook. How do we hate thee? Timothy Geigner counts the ways: [You're fired -Ed.]

The social media site had instituted a policy specifically against sharing videos that featured human beings beheading other human beings. ... This may have fallen under your "I can't believe we need that"...category.


Horrible Things Are The Reason Free Expression Is Important -- Yes, beheadings are terrible. ... But that is the reality of the world we live in. ... Reacting to horror by placing your head in the sand doesn't work. There are those on this planet that believe in civil discourse...and we deserve to know exactly how terrible the enemies of our cause are and to discuss their actions openly and honestly. ... Social media sites are our gathering places to discuss ideas, philosophies, and events.


How is it that beheadings are considered important to free speech, but breasts are such a problem that even breastfeeding is (at times) banned?  MORE

And Kyle Wood puts it more bluntly:

Personally I’m all for them allowing this sort of stuff, obviously with the appropriate warnings. People need to see what kind of ****** up crap is going on around the world and how some cultures are still barbaric. The media rarely talks about this sort of stuff.  MORE

Meanwhile, Glyn is Moody:

[This] episode represents a massive failure of judgement.  MORE

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