HTC One release date delay: Q1 profit massacre

Delay causes Taiwanese woe and anguish.

HTC One release date delay

HTC (TPE:2498) is sad to announce the delay of its new flagship Android smartphone has caused an almost total lack of profit in its first quarter. The results speak for themselves: it's worst result since 2006, when it stopped being just an ODM.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers write the last rites.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Eva Dou makes like Betty Boo and does the do:

HTC Corp.'s first-quarter net profit slumped 91.5%. ... It planned to introduce the new HTC One smartphone at the beginning of March, but shortage of the phone's camera components delayed...its U.S. release to April 19.


HTC last week announced a collaboration with Facebook Inc. on the HTC First smartphone. ... However, analysts say the Facebook phone will be more of a symbolic product...and that the company's turnaround will depend largely on the sales performance of the HTC One.  MORE

Carly Page turns over a new leaf:

This is the firm's lowest quarterly profit on record...representing a decline of 98 percent. Analysts had been expecting HTC to post earnings of roughly $20m...which the firm missed by over $17m.


some analysts believe it's too late for the Taiwanese firm. ... HTC has yet to comment on its first quarter earnings, or lack rather thereof.  MORE

Rik Henderson will dance and sing (as Mr. Kite flies through the ring):

...its first quarter financial results for 2013 and they don't make for comfortable reading, if you're a HTC exec. [It's] being blamed mainly on the release delays of the HTC One.  MORE

But Ammar sounds slightly skeptical:

One phone cannot possibly be responsible for a 98% drop in income; and neither will the HTC One solely save HTC.  MORE

And Kaneda Sama is lacking in sympathy:

I'd have more sympathy for HTC if I wasn't a Droid Incredible 2 owner who has been waiting for ICS to push out for years now. ...they promised they would deliver the update quite publicly.


[I'll] buy a Nexus 4 to avoid these problems in the future. ... Good luck fitting screwed past customers into your business model. ;)  MORE

Meanwhile, Jay Wontdart offers this weird Promethian metaphor:

Its almost as though Samsung simply keeps [HTC] alive with blood transfusions etc just so they can hurt them some more!


Picture a tandem bicycle. Anaemic HTC hobbles towards the last tandem bike, LG shuffles along the ground, Sony walks on its hands towards the cycle. Then BOOM, Samsung speeds through the crowd in an armoured car, and Apple leaps out of a supersonic jet.  MORE

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