Excuse me while I update your .Net...

Today I was installing hardware for a roundup of cloud video cameras when I came across one unit with a setup program that only runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7. I use a Mac, but I did have a Windows laptop standing by. So I inserted the installation CD-ROM, ran the install software, and watched as it immediately began "upgrading" the machine to Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. This without any prior explanation or request for permission to do a .Net upgrade.

After about 20 minutes  the installer completed its work and the application launched -- only to be interrupted two minutes later by a pop-up informing me that a newer version was available. I downloaded it, launched the installer, and then watched with some consternation as the installer began upgading the machine to .Net Framework 4.0. Twenty minutes later I'm finally ready to roll.

I've been using a Mac for about three years now, but I had forgotten how some Windows programs just go right ahead and change or update pieces and parts of the operating system to ensure that it can run correctly. And in this case it does. I always wonder, however, if such upgrades will end up breaking something else.

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