Hands on: Does LG's G2 'Audio Zoom' actually work? [VIDEO]

LG G2 Audio Zoom

One of the more intriguing features of LG's G2 is Audio Zoom -- the alleged ability for the phone to hone in on a specific sound while recording video.

LG claims the feature lets you "focus on what you want to hear" by zooming into a specific area. The phone will supposedly amplify the sound coming from that area and lessen any surrounding noise.

So does it actually work? I put it to the test, and the answer may surprise you.

When the sound you're trying to amplify is loud enough and the surrounding noise in the room is quiet enough, you can indeed notice an amplified effect when you zoom in with Audio Zoom enabled.

See for yourself; in this video, I was standing near the hum of a bathroom fan:

The change in audio may not be enormous, but you can definitely hear the sound of the running water get louder and the background noise grow more distant when the lens is zoomed in to the sink.

With increased background noise, the amplification continues to work -- but the phone has a harder time drowning out the surrounding sound:

Where the feature struggles to work at all is when the targeted noise is relatively quiet; in that condition, I've found it isn't really able to boost the zoomed-in audio enough to make a noticeable difference.

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Still, in the right circumstance, there's no denying LG's G2 Audio Zoom actually does work. As for how significant or valuable that fact is, well, that's something you'll have to decide.

My full G2 review will be online soon.

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