What Nokia did next: Markkinajohtaja teknologia ja innovaatiotoiminnan!

Risto Siilasmaa has big plans for the company.

Risto Siilasmaa

The Nokia (HEL:NOK1V) (NYSE:NOK) chairman and interim CEO has been outlining his plans. Here's what Nokia will be up to over the next few years—the bits of Nokia that Redmond didn't buy, that is.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look anew at Espoo.

Catherine Shu is on the other foot: [You're fired -Ed.]

...the 150-year-old company...began as a paper mill in the 1860s and moved on to rubber products before morphing into an electronics maker.


Nokia now has [$18] billion in annual revenue, a workforce of 56,000 and much more cash in its war chest thanks to Redmond’s $7.2 billion payment.  MORE

Here's Nokia's chairman, Risto Siilasmaa:

...the smartphone market has gone through fundamental changes. ... Nokia has done great work [but] we have also faced challenges. ... Nokia will look very different without the mobile devices and services business. But [the remaining] businesses – NSN, HERE, and Advanced Technologies – [are] each a leader in technology and innovation.


NSN [is] our networks business, supplying technology and infrastructure to operators worldwide...the mobile broadband specialist and especially strong in LTE.


HERE is making solid progress to becoming the leading location cloud business. [It] will be pivotal in the next phase of the mobile Internet. ... [It's] already available in 4 out of 5 cars with in-dash navigation.


Advanced Technologies build[s] on most of the activities from the current CTO unit and the IP business team. ... We’ve already established a successful patent and technology licensing operation, which we will expand to continue to drive revenue and profit.  MORE

Liam Tung stops short of calling Nokia a "patent troll":

With a massive mobile patent portfolio, Nokia has successfully pursued licensing agreements with Apple and BlackBerry, and has ongoing patent cases with Google's Motorola and HTC, last week winning a case in Germany against the latter.


Nokia's deep patent portfolio [makes] it...one of the mobile industry’s largest non-practicing entities [with] around 10,000 patent families under its belt.  MORE

The mysterious Chris P. reads 'em and weeps:

So what does the next decade and a half hold for Nokia? A spot at the forefront for its other, financially healthy, businesses, the CEO hopes.


So it does seem likely that Nokia will persevere and make it through the tunnel. Sadly...the Nokia that we'll see on the other side will cease to stand for what it used to.  MORE

But Roman Spantgar is anything but sad:

...it’s a good news for Nokia as a company. Phone division was burning money as hell...the only division that was losing money. so Nokia did the only smart thing.


There is a reason why their stock went up almost 50% after the news was announced.  MORE

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