'Ungodly' -- Larry Ellison, on in-core Oracle 12c DB perf

Larry joins the in-memory club at OOW13.

Larry Ellison

Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) has gotten in-memory religion, finally. Speaking in his OpenWorld 2013 keynote, CEO Ellison pontificated about how fast it is (as if we didn't know). He also unveiled some hardware and cracked some bad jokes.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are glad there are still at least some personalities in this market.

Who can report what Ellison said? Chris Kanaracus can:

Ellison has thrown his gauntlet down in the burgeoning market for in-memory computing. ... The in-memory option delivers "ungodly" performance improvements, Ellison claimed.


What Ellison's speech strangely lacked was any of his traditional attacks directed at competitors [like] SAP...Microsoft and IBM [who] are also rolling out in-memory database technologies.


Continuing the in-memory theme, Ellison also announced...the M6-32 Big Memory Machine. It contains 32TB of DRAM [and] costs US$3 million. ...what Ellison didn't mention is that Oracle's engineered systems must be loaded with many expensive Oracle software licenses...which carry lucrative ongoing annual maintenance fees...and bring the total system cost much higher.  MORE

And Arik Hesseldahl runs in slow motion, wearing red Speedos, towards the water: [You're fired -Ed.]

In a roughly 90-minute presentation, Ellison went on at length about...in-memory technology. ... Ellison appeared in especially good spirits, given that Oracle Team USA won its two America’s Cup races today.


“It’s great to hear Larry singing from [our] playbook, but Oracle is still missing the mark,” SAP spokesman Jim Dever said.  MORE

So Shira Ovide gets cloudy:

Ellison used part of his keynote to talk up a “cloud” option for companies to back up critical computerized data...over the Web.


The Oracle OpenWorld conference, which runs through Thursday, has spilled out from San Francisco’s main conference center and onto a temporarily closed stretch of downtown streets lined with red carpets and tents for conference goers. ... Oracle said the conference drew 60,000 people...20% more than a year ago.  MORE

But Rachel King rains on our parade: [You're homophonic -Ed.]

The last introduction of the evening was the Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance. ... Ellison joked, "Who was the genius who named this product? ... That's why they pay me the big bucks."


Supporting restoration to virtually any point in time logged, the appliance can backup "thousands" of databases [he claimed].  MORE

Meanwhile, sasori sings a tepid tune of in-core databases:

What's that song?

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late.  MORE

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