The real question is, did it work?

User calls this support pilot fish to complain that her printer isn't working.

"I asked all the normal questions," says fish. "Is the printer on? Can you print from other applications?

"Unsatisfied with the answers, I walked down the hall to the suspect laser printer.

"I found the laser printer plugged into a power strip -- not uncommon, and not a real concern. But I did notice the power strip had tripped and turned off. Reaching down to reset the power strip, I also discovered a space heater plugged in and directed toward the laser printer.

"Since the surge protector had tripped, I queried the user to determine why she felt a need to plug in an unapproved space heater and why it was directed toward the printer.

"The response I got was that the printer was always warming up, so the user thought the printer was abnormally cold and she figured the heater would keep the laser printer from having to warm up all the time.

"I was just glad in that moment she hadn't covered it with a blanket or heating pad."

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