Government censors SHAPES, in 3D-printable-gun takedown shakedown #DEFCAD

Well, this is indeed 'something'...

3D Guns: State Department does something

The U.S. State Dept. orders Defense Distributed to remove plans for its 3D-printable gun from its website. Lawmakers are rushing around like headless chickens, trying to ban certain types of information, while onlookers invoke bottled-genie or stable-door analogies.

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Lucas Mearian reports:

After more than 100,000 downloads...the federal government...ordered Defense Distributed to take the plans off its website. ... But, the proverbial genie is already out of the bottle.


Defense Distributed...also offered up blueprints for nine other 3D-printable firearms components, including a 30-round magazine and [part of] an AR-15 assault rifle.  MORE

And Aunty Adds:

Californian senator Leland Yee said he wanted a law passed to stop the manufacture of 3D-printed guns.


It took Defense Distributed eight months to produce the firearm...on an $8,000 3D printer bought from...eBay.


One of the biggest headaches for law enforcers is the fact the gun is made from plastic. ... New York congressmen Steve Israel and Chuck Schumer have sponsored...a 3D-printing provision [in] the US Undetectable Firearms Act, which requires all guns to be detectable.  MORE

Who are these "dangerous," gun-peddling guys? Eric W. Dolan 'splains:

...the nonprofit Defense Distributed...founder Cody Wilson...a law student at the University of Texas in often described as a radical libertarian or simply an anarchist, but [said] earlier this year he was fighting “anonymous forces of discipline and control.”  MORE

But Iain Thomson calls the reaction "predictable":

...the US government...shut the stable door days after the horse had bolted. ...the US State Department [says] the distribution of the gun's plans breaches the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and may contravene the Arms Export Control Act.


One thing's for certain: all the bans in the world won't [stop this], no matter how many letters the US government sends out or what legislation it passes. ...before politicians start hammering their chests on the issue, they [should] first take a deep breath. ...the criminally minded can easily buy a handgun...for a few hundred dollars. will be lethal over a longer distance and be capable of firing many more rounds...making it a far more dangerous weapon. ...maybe the political classes might want to think about fixing the problem with old-fashioned guns.  MORE

Meanwhile, Matt Holmes rolls his eyes:

"Just delete it off the internet," said everyone who has not one clue how the internet works.  MORE

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