Samples of SOPA blackout sites

Dozens of sites have gone black in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) now in Congress -- and some have done it in imaginative ways.

WordPress offers its thousands of users different plugins to use in order to join the anti-SOPA protest.


The popular Cheezburger humor site didn't go completely black, but has added an overlay with an explanation of why its visitors should oppose SOPA.


Fark protests with a difference: It declares "Fark has gone white to support SOPA / PIPA!" along with a brief satirical video, and then explains what its real feelings are.



Google has added a simple black box across its name on its search page; clicking on the box leads to an explanatory page.


The gaming site Minecraft has gone red instead of black, shutting down their site completely and linking to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's strike page.


Reddit has offered an information page; its title "SOPA and PIPA damage..." changes to link to several of the sites that are protesting today.


Downloads site Tucows put an overlay on its site and offers a number of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ avatars to its users who want to join the protest. has produced an eerie blackout screen with a searchlight that moves with your cursor.


Wikipedia is perhaps the best known of the blackout sites. Its English-language site bears this image along with a zip code box to help readers contact their representatives.


Craigslist has added a simple overlay to each of its local sites urging its visitors to click to an info page.

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