Off the hook

At the small college where this pilot fish works as IT director, some students are complaining about emails getting lost -- and the subject comes up at a staff meeting.

"Before I could respond to the 'lost' email problem, a helpful mid-level, non-tech manager decided to educate everyone at the staff meeting how email can get lost," says fish.

"She proceeded to tell how emails travel on the Internet via 'hooks.'

"I couldn't believe my ears. In the nicest way possible, I tried to correct her.

"She interrupted me and told me that I was wrong. Silly me, I was doing the whole server to server via SMTP thing.

"After interrupting me she continued, explaining how emails can sometimes fall off the hooks when they travel around the Internet and can never be recovered once they fall off.

"There was no way for me to say anything without bursting out laughing. So I left it at that."

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