You had me at A S D K L C N M E R

It's a cold Wednesday morning when an email message comes to this IT pilot fish -- and everyone else in the division:

To: All

Subject: Does anyone have...

Looking for white paint, color my letters on my keyboard. Faded...very faded. A S D K L C N M E R are losing their white color.

Fish's reply: "How about a new keyboard?"

User's response: "OK..."

Fish collects a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo and a new mouse pad, installs it for the user and takes away the keyboard with the disappearing letters.

A few days later, user calls to tell fish that her wireless mouse isn't working. He makes the quick trip to her office to check it out. Sure enough, when the mouse moves, the arrow barely twitches.

Repositioning the transceiver doesn't help. But when fish tries the mouse on a different surface, it works fine -- apparently, the mouse won't work on the new black mouse pad.

Fish explains to the user that she needs a new mouse pad.

User: "But I need that mouse pad."

Fish: We'll get you another one.

User: "But I need that mouse pad. It has a wrist rest."

Fish: We can get you another one with a wrist rest.

User: "I like this one."

Fish: But the mouse won't work with it.

User: "Well, maybe there's something you can do..."

Sighs fish, "There was. I walked out of the office."

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