Adobe updates Flash Player yet again

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Adobe today released an update to their Flash Player to fix critical security flaws. These updates are not to be confused with the last batch issued four days ago.

As is usual with the Flash Player, there are updated editions for Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. The full list of updated versions is below. Flash is not supported on iOS. 

  • Chrome browser on Windows  11.6.602.167
  • Firefox and Opera on Windows  11.6.602.168
  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9 on Windows 7 and earlier  11.6.602.168
  • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8  11.6.602.167
  • Firefox, Opera and Safari on OS X 11.6.602.167  
  • Chrome on OS X  11.6.602.167
  • Chrome on Linux  11.6.602.167
  • Firefox on Linux
  • Android 4.x (all browsers that support Flash)
  • Android 2.x and 3.x  (all browsers that support Flash)

To see which version of Flash a web browser is using, go to A release history of the Flash Player is available at my site. 

The procedure to update Flash varies with the operating system, browser and the installed Flash Player configuration. Two browsers however, Chrome (all OSs) and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 include Flash, so the normal procedure for updating the browser, updates the Flash player.

As of 2pm ET a new version of Chrome was not yet available on either OS X Snow Leopard or Windows 7. Google blogs about new Chrome releases and today's blog says that they updated Chrome on Linux. For Windows and OS X,  Dharani Govindan writes that the Flash update has been pushed out "through component updater".

Update: Feb 13, 2013 11:50am ET. A Chrome browser on Windows 7 that reported it was up to date (running version 24.0.1312.57 ) was still using an old copy of the Flash Player (11,5,31,139 released Feb. 7th). However, a few minutes later, the installed version of Flash was updated to the latest (11,6,602,167). Normal Chrome updates require a browser restart, this update did not. 

Chrome on Windows 8 (the desktop side) is, frankly, a total mess.

The latest version of the Flash Player for Chrome on Windows is 11.6.602.1.67. Although Chrome says that it is up to date (as of 2:40pm ET) it is not runnng this latest version. The prior version of Flash for Chrome on Windows (from Feb. 7th) is It's not running that either. The previous version of Flash (from Jan. 8th) is It's not running that either. 

Instead, Chrome on Windows 8 reports that it is running Flash version which does not appear in any of the three recent Adobe security bulletins

Update: After Chrome eventually updated itself on my Windows 8 machine, it was running 11.6.602.167 which Adobe says it should be using.

I also found today that a Chromebook had not yet been updated. It was still at version 23.0 running Flash version Sadly, Adobe does not provide any guidance for the Flash Player on Chrome OS, so it's impossible to know what the latest supported version is. 

Microsoft, however, has made available KB2805940 for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, which updates Flash to the latest version 11.6.602.167. This update to IE is installed like all others, with Windows Update.

Instances of Firefox 18 without Flash, on both Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard, correctly prompted me to install the latest version of the Flash Player.

Android users will find that updating Flash is very non-standard and the Adobe security bulletins offer no help. My blog from back in November, Updating Flash Player on Android now requires a hack, explains how to update Flash on Android devices. The click trail to find the installed version of Flash on Android varies depending on the OS version. Android users might find this Adobe page a better way to check their installed version of Flash. 

In other supported environments, updating the Flash Player may be fully manual, completely automated, or the notification of an available update may be automated while the software installation is manual. It depends. 

Updated 3:35pm ET: added suggested Android Flash tester page and Firefox. 

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