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This healthcare facility has an external website that providers can log into to access information about patients that have been seen there, reports a pilot fish in the loop.

"Normally when we set up new users, we email them a standard form with their user ID and an initial password, which is not explicitly spelled out but is a combination of a unique letter/number phrase and part of their Social Security number, which is not in the email," fish says.

"But now the director in charge of setting up facilities for access has a new request: 'Set them up with access and an email account on our system, so that the login information is secure.'

"OK, how do they initially access that email account, which will only be used to send them one email, and will have the same initial password as the website?

"Of course, once they log into their email and change their password, the website credentials email will be wrong because that won't be their password any more..."

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