LG G2 specs confirmed (but price still secret)

Flagship phone has weird button on back.

LG G2 specs but price secret

LG is proud to announce the birth of its newest, baddest smartphone: the LG G2. This Android-powered phablet beast is slim, fast and has a big battery. Innovations include a new way to answer a call and a back-cover control.

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Matt Hamblen kicks us off:

LG announced its newest flagship smartphone...at a New York event. [It] will come with the first worldwide smartphone use of the Snapdragon 800 [which] offers 75% better performance than the S4 Pro.


battery at 3,000 mAh...13-megapixel rear-facing camera [that] offers Optical Image Stabilizer technology...2.1-megapixel front camera...5.2-in. display...1,920 x 1080...5.5 x 2.8 x 0.35 inches. ...the G2's most unusual feature [is] the rear power and volume control button.  MORE

A rear whatnow? Daniel P. Howley explains:

The first, and most unique, thing you’ll notice...is its “Rear Key” control. This three-button setup combines the power button and volume keys. ... LG says the new button setup will help prevent users from dropping the phone. ...after a few seconds we became more comfortable with the concept and were able to use the button without looking at it.


Answer Me...gives users the ability to answer phone calls by simply lifting the phone and putting it to their ears. ...it worked on the first try without issue. ... G2 includes LG’s popular QSlide feature [which] allows users to open up to two...apps on screen at once. ... The G2′s 13-MP rear camera...features LG’s Optical Image Stabilization, which helps prevent images from blurring.  MORE

And Edward C. Baig gives us the aural specs: [You're fired -Ed.]

LG is actually making a big deal about the [speaker quality] so much so that it is preloading ring tones recorded by the Vienna Boys' Choir.


Another feature summons the appropriate apps when you plug in a pair of headphones.  MORE

So Roger Cheng compares and contrasts LG with its rival Korean company:

LG, which has long lived in the shadow of larger rival Samsung Electronics, desperately wants its G2 to be uttered in the same breath as the GS4 or...iPhone 5. ... It's not enough that LG is the brand customers go to because it offers a nice value; it wants to be the brand customers aspire to own.


LG is looking for a fresh start with the G2. The company said in July that it was dropping the Optimus name. ... LG is the latest to hop aboard the trend of offering a single flagship device across multiple carrier partners. ... The G2, however, uses a cheaper-feeling plastic construction at a time when most of its competitors have moved to metal.  MORE

But what about the PRICE? Looks like Barbara Krasnoff isn't able to help, either:

[It] gives all the appearance of being a premium smartphone. If it costs the expected premium price, it could be very popular among the higher-end prosumers who are looking for a large, sleek device that can be easily used with one hand.  MORE

Meanwhile, Nilay Patel sums up his thoughts twuswise:

LG and Samsung...locked in battle for ugliest interface design.  MORE

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