Twisted qubits: NSA quantum computer gonna take your sister's crypto

Quantum computer NSA Edward Snowden leak

This is Edward's life. This is Snowden's song.

OMG NSA! In an (ahem) astounding report, the Washington Post breathlessly 'reveals' that the National Security Agency is researching quantum computers, so they can decrypt all our info. Because terrorists. The classified 'secret' was 'unveiled' by that Edward Snowden bloke, who may by now be scraping the bottom of his naughty barrel.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll their eyes, saying this 'news' is trite and jaded. Not to mention: PAVONINE HAIR!...

Your humble blogwatcher is so condescending, and curated these never-ending bloggy bits for your entertainment. You'll see.


Steven Rich and Barton Gellman have got the right to choose:

The [NSA] is racing to build a computer that could break nearly every kind of encryption...part of a $79.7 million research program titled “Penetrating Hard Targets.”


Although the full extent of the agency’s research remains unknown, the documents provided by Snowden suggest that the NSA is...running neck and neck with quantum computing labs sponsored by the European Union and the Swiss government. ... A quantum computer uses quantum bits, or qubits, which are simultaneously zero and one. ... While a classical computer...must do one calculation at a time, a quantum computer can sometimes avoid having to make calculations that are unnecessary to solving a problem


The NSA declined to comment.  MORE


There ain't no way Gregory Ferenstein will lose it:

No reason to worry the Agency is not even close to figuring out how to build [it].


[But] allowing even one organization to have the capability to break encryption is potentially threatening to all security on the web. Though, advances in quantum computing could also have benefits to science and health. So, at this point, the benefits and harms are pretty theoretical.  MORE


And Adam Clark Estes will fight a thousand legions:

Yes, it's terrifying. But it's hardly surprising.


It makes you wonder how or why the NSA thought that they could build their own...without the help of the packs of geniuses already trying to. [But] hey, if these guys can plant sypware on 50,000 networks around the world, steal the telephone data of countless people, tap into the databases of the biggest internet companies and even prevent encryption from improving, why shouldn't they be able to build this crazy futuristic computer?  MORE


Meanwhile, Jack Daniel's not gonna take it anymore:

Anyone who didn't know that NSA was working on quantum crypto should get out of the infosec pool. Now.


Many of the leaks have been revealing, some have confirmed suspicions- but those that "confirm" known facts don't deserve press. ... This one [is] public knowledge, and has been for years.


Hyping the known among the Snowden leaks dilutes the significance of many real revelations.  MORE

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