Facebook presents video on Instagram

Instagram added a video feature today. Here is what it included.

Last week, Facebook sent out actual snailmail invitations for an event Thursday.  Speculation beforehand centered around Instagram getting video, and the speculation was right. Instagram revealed its new video-taking abilities, with some unexpected additions.

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Right from your Instagram app, you have an option to take video rather than just photos. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long and can be compilations of several video clips stitched together. You can also easily delete clips from your video if you change your mind about what you want to include. You get to the video option by tapping on the camera, the same way you take pictures. Then just choose the video icon and hold down the red video button to begin shooting.


Instagram also introduced 13 filter options for your videos. These filters were designed specifically for video and can be applied right from the app. As with image filters, you can see what your video would look like with the selected filter before settling on it.


If you have ever been unhappy with the cover frame of your video because you thought it did not best showcase what your videos were about, Instagram has a solution. Now you can scroll through each frame of your video to manually set the cover frame, the picture that all your friends are going to see before playing the video.

Sharing on Instagram

Videos show up right in your Instagram stream with a small video icon in the top right corner of the cover frame. Tap on the video to play it, and it plays only once. It doesn’t loop.


Instagram also added a “cinema” feature, which stabilizes your videos for you. This feature is best displayed through video, but if you look at the image to the left you can see that the left most part of the image is much shakier. The cinema feature will stabilize the image and reduce the shakiness of your videos. 


Videos of course show up on your computer the same way that they show up on your phones. The new Instagram is available to iPhone and Android users alike today.

Related story: It's true! Facebook unveils video for Instagram