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Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Announced a 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note will be coming to Verizon this month. It will run Jelly Bean. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: CES 2013: 7 dirty little secrets about the year's biggest tech show http://shar.es/4vey1 via @jr_raphael. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Okay, this is weird -- claims Samsung developing glasses that will allow two people to watch two different shows on same OLED TV. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Samsung offering "Evolution kit" for upgrading compatible 2012 TVs to many features on new 2013 TVs. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Samsung F8000 LED TV is its first with quad-core processor, has voice interaction, 48 to 75 in. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Samsung's Tim Baxter: BYOD trend is at a tipping point. Mobile devices becoming the central hub for our prof and private lives. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Waiting for Samsung press event. Glad I got in without being trampled. You gotta be tough to do CES. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Neat gear dual-band range extender plugs into wall; has USB port, stereo jack, Ethernet. #2013CES

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Netgear's Push2TV mirrors Android smartphone content to TVs. #2013CES

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: RCA auto-sensor LED Nightlight offers 2 USB chargers, an electric port and a nightlight to keep you from tripping at 2am. #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Voxx anounces SoundFlow-enables speakers allowing connections with smartphones by laying them down on device. #2013ces

Marian Prokop @mprokop1: RT @matthamblen: : An awsm prototype app shown at AT&T Dev: headset monitors brain so that callers know I'm 2 busy 2 answer.#2013CES

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Weathered first near-disaster of #2013CES. Coffee spilled dangerously near laptop. A quick snatch away saved the tech.

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: An awesome Good Times prototype app shown at AT&T Dev: headset monitors my brain so that callers know I'm too busy to answer.#2013CES

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Journalists start the #2013ces marathon in the Mandalay Bay press room. http://www.tout.com/m/2lwx7j?ref=tw3jlwzo

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Mya number founders show off call management api; child can call one number to reach any number of care providers. #2013CES

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: AT&T call management API to let new apps route calls: an AT&T mobile number can be enabled for Web-based calls. #2013CES

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: AskZiggy shows a customer profile API to save input steps. #2013CES

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Isis is definitely an unproven mobile payment network so far. Coke vending with a phone touch isn't saying much. #2013CES

Ken Mingis @kmingis: Lenovo comes out swinging with table PC, hybrid ultrabooks @sgaudin: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9235278/Lenovo_comes_out_swinging_with_table_PC_hybrid_ultrabooks … #2013ces #ces

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: AT&T 4G reaches 170 million in U.S., De la Vega says. He quoted Computerworld calling some LTE speeds "truly mind-blowing." #2013CES

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Covering AT&T Developer Summit keynote in Vegas. The Killers featured songs!!! #2013CES pic.twitter.com/Eu6f06Vi

Marian Prokop @mprokop1: RT @matthamblen: : Nvidia launches Tegra 4 application processor , 3x faster #2013ces http://bit.ly/117G6oP

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Nvidia launches Tegra 4 application processor , 3x faster #2013ces

Marian Prokop @mprokop1: Bigger is better with touchscreens and TVs at CES @matthamblen: http://bit.ly/VN7ZMi #2013CES

Sharon Gaudin@sgaudin: Going offline so I can get a couple hours of sleep before heading to #2013CES before the crack of dawn. Viva Las Vegas!

Ken Mingis @kmingis: SanDisk bringing faster SSDs to consumers, PC makers @martyn_williams http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9235319/SanDisk_bringing_faster_SSDs_to_consumers_PC_makers … #2013ces

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Lenovo shows several IdeaPhones at #2013CES preview event including K860 sold in China, rumored predecessor to K900. pic.twitter.com/we02oLTd

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: LG's 84-in ultra HDTV with 3d sells for $20k and will come in 55 and 65 in models later this year.#2013ces http://www.tout.com/m/vpsp43?ref=twnk9eqp

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: Orbotix zombie game using augmented reality with a tablet as controller focused on ball with sensors via by #2013ces http://www.tout.com/m/qm1euf?ref=twg9rw82

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: On the plane to #2013CES, wearing my Dr. Who teeshirt & wishing I had a TARDIS. Will be in full professional mode tomorrow.

Ken Mingis @kmingis: Toyota, Audi to unveil self-driving cars at CES @martyn_williams http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9235296/Toyota_Audi_to_unveil_self_driving_cars_at_CES … #2013ces #audi #toyota

Matt Hamblen @matthamblen: testing tout on lg optima g with 13 megapixel cam #2013ces http://www.tout.com/m/dovmsj?ref=twag2d8m … Show Media

Sharon Gaudin@sgaudin: As I get ready to go to #2013CES, what gadgets/tech are you most excited to hear about? I'll go look for it for yah!

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Thinking of reading She-Wolves by Helen Castor on plane to #2013CES. Get myself ready for the fray.

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: Heading for #2013CES with a Windows 8 ultrabook -- and hoping for the best http://ow.ly/gy6jJ

Ken Mingis @kmingis: No Microsoft at CES 2013? No problem @matthamblen: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9235233/No_Microsoft_at_CES_2013_No_problem … #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: RT @kmingis: : Computer convergence will be highlighted at CES @sgaudin: http://bit.ly/Wi60yW #2013ces

Barbara Krasnoff @BarbaraKrasnoff: #2013CES

Sharon Gaudin@sgaudin: Still trying to plan out my schedule for #2013CES. It's days away and already crazy busy! #vegas

Ken Mingis @kmingis: CES starts on Sunday and @computerworld will have four reporters there. #2013ces

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