Fire Steve Ballmer after BUILD FAIL (you know you can do it)

BUILD 2013 was not BLAMMER's best bash.

Fire Ballmer?

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is facing growing calls to let Steve Ballmer go. His performance up to and including the BUILD conference keynote came under criticism. And that's despite the free Windows 8.1 download.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if this is the best way to save Microsoft.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Kicking us off, Mark Hachman lists Steve's sad song lyrics:

For Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, the company is undergoing a transformation to a...devices and services [business]. ... “And the only way that can happen is by a company undergoing a rapid-release schedule.” ... Consumers will see an “outpouring” of new devices that are notebook computers...touch-enabled, Ballmer promised. ... “All Windows, all the time.”


Windows 8.1 [will be] a bit more consumer friendly—or in Ballmer’s words...“refine the blend” between the Start page and the Desktop. ... Ballmer also emphasized that new apps for Windows 8 were on the way...including Flipboard...NFL Fantasy Football [and] Facebook.


Ballmer said that the company continually wins blind “taste tests” between its Bing search engine and Google.  MORE

Did Seth Rosenblatt notice Ballmer voguing? Look around, everywhere you turn is heartache:

Steve Ballmer's not a man given to standing still...but for a brief moment Wednesday morning, he struck a pose. ... It was a pugnacious posture, defiant yet also expressing confidence in [the] rebuilding of Windows. ... Ballmer emphasized a new philosophy at Microsoft.


It's a big claim but this was a keynote speech, after all. [But] the rest of Ballmer's presentation...lacked the coherence to sell that mandate. ... The more Microsoft fumbles its message, the less patient the public will be. ...the caffeine provided by Julie Larson-Green, now running the Windows division...barely stirred the crowd.


Microsoft faces enormous challenges. ... None of this bodes well for the future of Windows. ...something smells funky.  MORE

But Phil Moore feels more like a direct approach (it's everywhere that you go):

Ballmer has had nine lives as the CEO. ...most have stopped believing that he has any vision. ...the failure of Windows 8 just may be the last straw that gets him fired.


Ballmer has failed in his repeated efforts to get a Microsoft phone off the ground. ... And it’s difficult to figure out where he’s screwed up the most when it comes to tablets.


Don’t expect the Microsoft board to [wait until Windows 9 before giving [him] the blue screen of death.  MORE

Ouch. Agosto Nuñez puts it more sarcastically (you try everything you can to escape):

Steve Ballmer is a brilliant and visionary man, he even lost weight.  

...he's awesome.  MORE

Meanwhile, Elliot Markowitz has a hopeful, constructive suggestion (the pain of life that you know):

Ballmer has also alienated channel partners multiple times. ... So how can Microsoft's CEO make things right? more fully empowering Channel Chief Jon Roskill.


It sounds like Microsoft executive changes are coming and a reorganization could arrive in July. ... Roskill and his channel team deserve more power this time around. ...the company's two greatest assets: ISVs [and] channel partners.


There's still time to get it right, Mr. Ballmer.  MORE

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