Instagram hates Twitter. Users hate them both.

Instagram now hates Twitter: It's official. The picture sharing service, now owned by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), has broken its Twitter integration in an effort to make users spend more time on its site. Pictures appear weirdly cropped, off-center, or worse.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make obvious jokes about hipsters.

Instagram logo, cropped

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Sharon Gaudin keeps it in the family:

Twitter and Instagram are feuding. ... [Twitter] said Instagram disabled its Twitter Card integration. ... [Instagram] said the company wants...users to spend more time on the Instagram site.


Relations between Twitter and Instagram got more complicated in April when Facebook bought the popular photo-sharing app company for $1 billion. ... Instagram wants people to...come to Instagram and ultimately Facebook. Twitter, however, wants people to...stay on Twitter.  MORE

Nick Bilton must make a military metaphor:

Welcome to the Photo Wars. ... The move escalates tensions between the two...which were once friends in the battle against Facebook. ... Instagram’s chief executive...plans to completely cut off embedding pictures on the Twitter Web site.


For now, Instagram photos [are] showing up cropped or off center. ... Photo sharing continues to be a volatile battleground. ...tensions will likely continue to grow.  MORE

So Michael Arrington is incensed:

We just got screwed. ...companies grow up, hire grown ups and they...fret about barriers to entry. ... And they forget about users.


Yep, Instagram is now officially in the “it’s our data” club. Pretty much everyone joins that club as soon as they can. ...the best way to run a business is to treat users with respect and make sure that your product...delight[s] and amaze[s]. ... [Instagram is] doing the opposite of delighting and amazing...[they] did what they always do. Seize all assets within reach, and [say] they were sadly forced to do this to protect the data, which is their data now.  MORE

But Iain Thomson sees both sides:

But it's not as though Twitter has much to complain about...since it is quite fond of using similar tactics itself [such as] blocking of UberMedia and other competitors last year.  MORE

In Mathew Ingram's analysis, this is about Twitter as a media platform:

Instagram at some point clearly decided that [Cards] transferred too much of the value of its content to Twitter instead of allowing it to capture that value itself. ... In some ways [it] can be seen as retaliation for something Twitter did...when it cut off the photo-sharing that users could no longer easily find their Twitter connections.


[This] should get more media companies thinking hard about the relationship they have with Twitter. It is...a proprietary network built by a company with monetization and expansion on its mind, and your content is part of that. What [will] change in the future as Twitter’s mission and vision evolve?  MORE

Meanwhile, Jon Brodkin types a scatalogical, mildly-NSFW word:

If this...helps people break the addiction to ****** picture filters, so much the better.  MORE

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