Microsoft Surface Pro release date confirmed

The Surface Pro release date has been confirmed by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). We now also have more details about the pricing, battery life, and other features. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't change the laws of physics, despite how much some would like it to.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers look forward to the next step to IT consumerization.

Microsoft Surface Pro

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Matt Hamblen reports:

The tablet, formally called Surface with Windows 8 Pro, will ship sometime in January. ... Neither version will come with the Touch Cover or Type Cover. ...analysts said Microsoft must have set the pricing that high to allow its charge less.  MORE

Ina Fried adds:

Both models include a digital pen. ... The Intel-equipped Surface pro uses a similar casing [to the RT] and includes the signature kickstand...[but] is heavier and thicker.  MORE

Microsoft's Panos Panay publishes putative proof: [You're fired -Ed.]

The response from Surface customers has been fantastic. ... Surface with Windows 8 Pro [will] be available in two versions and pricing will [be] 64GB standalone version at $899...128GB standalone version at $999.


[It] will come with Intel’s next generation Core i5 processor [giving] a graphics boost for its 10.6” 16:9 ClearType display [at] 1920x1080 full HD resolution. [It] also includes a full-size USB 3.0 port. ... [It] will run your current Windows 7 desktop a PC that will weigh less than two pounds and be less than 14 millimeters thick.  MORE

But Gabriel Hernandez disagrees that the price is "high":

[It's] subsidized, just like Google did with their Nexus 7 tablets and Apple did with their iPad mini. ... Sony Vaio Duo [is] $1499...$600 more from a very similar device.


What I think Microsoft is to push vendors to lower the prices of their hardware in Ultrabooks.  MORE

We see Barbara Krasnoff shiver... with anticipation:

Unlike many of my friends and colleagues, tablets have never been all that attractive to me. ... But I haven't been immune to the lure of the tablet. When I learned that Microsoft was coming out with a...tablet that would run...Windows 8...and offer an innovative keyboard cover to boot, I looked forward to it...a great deal.


I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the covers. ... The magnetic attachment...that Microsoft's too-perky commercial touts worked beautifully. ... I found the Touch cover convenient and a fine alternative to a heavier "real" keyboard. ... [I] will be curious to see what the upcoming Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be like.  MORE

Meanwhile, Mary Jo Foley spots a fly in the ointment:

Pricing is not all the team shared. ... Surface Pros are going to get about half the battery life of the Surface RTs [which] get between eight and ten hours. ... The Surface team Twitter account confirmed the battery-life plans ... For me, that'd be a deal breaker. ... Other readers...are less worried about only getting four to five hours.


Why the low battery life? [It] uses the Intel "Ivy Bridge"...Core i5 [not] the lower-power-consumption/higher-battery-life Atom/Clover Trail [nor] the fourth-generation Core Haswell. ... There are trade-offs in every device. Do you think Microsoft made the right choice?  MORE

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