Despite all evidence to the contrary

IT support gets a call about a large color printer. "A user says she has troubleshot the printer issue and believes a sensor is out," reports this pilot fish in the loop.

"She says the printer called for the cyan to be replaced, and she went and found a new yellow cartridge and replaced it and it still says the toner is low.

"So tells the tech that she'd taken the yellow cartridge out as well as the rest of them, and switched them all around. And it still wouldn't print.

"The tech retrieves a blue cartridge, inserts all the cartridges in their correct places and installs the new blue cartridge. The printer shows OK on the LCD readout and shows yellow and cyan now full. A test print performs OK.

"User asks tech, 'Why did you replace the blue when yellow was out?'

"Tech explains that the blue was out, not the yellow.

"User says that's incorrect -- that cyan is yellow.

"Tech shows her the blue box and points out that it also says cyan, and that the colored bar above the word 'cyan' on the box is blue, and notes that on the LCD display before he put in the new cartridge, the blue bar was minimal and the yellow one was full.

"She looked at him like he was from Mars and said, 'I'm pretty sure cyan is yellow.'"

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