America's 6 top-paid CTOs

Bonuses and stock options help push some chief technology officers' salaries into the millions.

America\'s highest pid CTOs

Top-paid chief technology officers

There's a fair amount of reporting on CIO salaries. But what about compensation for those holding the title of Chief Technology Officer? FindTheBest scoured public-company filings to find the highest paid CTOs.

Fun fact: Three of the top six are Stanford grads. (Less fun fact: All are men -- the top woman on their list is #45, Nina Bhanap at Quinstreet).

Note that these only include CTOs at public companies where the CTO is among the five most highly paid executives, which is all that companies must disclose.

But based on what FindTheBest could uncover, here are the six highest paid CTOs in the U.S. in fiscal year 2013 including salary, bonus, stock and stock options.

Also a former CEO

1. Rasmus Norling
Company: Poly Shield Technologies
Compensation: $81.845 million
Age: 41
Graduated from: Högskolan i Kalmar maritime academy in Sweden

That sounds like an awful lot of money for a CTO and in fact it's a bit deceiving, because while Norling is indeed the current CTO, he had been CEO and president of the company last year as well. Almost all of that compensation -- $81.845 million -- is from an award of company stock.

Norling was previously manager of R&D at Royal Caribbean International before joining Poly Shield.

$11.8M in Facebook stock

2. Michael Schroepfer
Company: Facebook
Compensation: $12.558 million
Age: 39
Graduated from: Stanford University

Schroepfer is also VP of engineering as well as CTO. As is the case with many top-paid execs, most of Schroepfer's compensation is from a stock award -- in his case $11.8 million in stock along with $352K salary and $359K bonus.

T-Mobile Executive VP

3. Neville R. Ray
Company: T-Mobile US
Compensation: $9.14 million
Age: 51
Graduated from: City University of London

Ray, also an executive vice president, has the highest base salary and bonus in the top three: $550K salary and $600K bonus. He earned an additional $2.6 million in "non-equity incentive plan compensation" (basically a bonus for hitting specific performance goals). as well as $5.4 million in restricted stock options.

Former Microsoft GM

4. Kevin L. Timmons
Company: Cyrusone
Compensation: $6.85 million
Age: 49
Graduated from: Stanford University

A former Microsoft GM, Timmons has been CTO at Cyrusone since 2011. He had a base salary of $312K last year along with $2.2 million in restricted stock awards, $78K in stock options, $4.2 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation and $80K in other compensation.

Game tech pays off

5. Cadir B. Lee
Company: Zynga
Compensation: $6.185 million
Age: 41
Graduated from: Stanford University

Lee was CTO at Zynga from 2008 until August 2013; he previously co-founded He earned $264K salary, $5.692 million in restricted stock awards and $228K in other compensation.

MicroStrategy Senior Executive VP and CTO

6. Peng Xiao
Company: MicroStrategy
Compensation: $5.55 million
Age: 40
Graduated from: George Washington University

Senior executive VP as well as CTO, Xiao was head of IT operations at consulting firm Bond and Pecaro before joining MicroStrategy. He earned a $556K salary, $575K bonus, $4.2 million in stock options, $182K in non-equity incentive plan compensation and $33K in other compensation.

Average CTO salaries are somewhat lower

What does a typical CTO earn? Nationally, the average was $171K, according to Computerworld data. You can see a lot more data about IT compensation in the latest Computerworld IT Salary Survey.

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