SAP launches cloud services on HANA in-memory DB

The SAP HANA cloud platform is growing fast. SAP (NYSE:SAP) has launched a developer platform, a cloud-based service to quickly instantiate a service, and a training-focused community site.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder the German competition for Oracle, und so weiter.

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Chris Kanaracus can reveal the story:

One component of the strategy, NetWeaver Cloud, is generally available. ... Unlimited-use developer licenses...are available now at no charge. [It] provides native integration to SAP and other on-premises applications, identity management and single sign-on.


SAP also announced the availability of HANA on Amazon Web Services. ... SAP is looking to compete with the likes of's and Heroku platforms.  MORE

Dave Courbanou says "SAP has been on a tear":

...doubl[ing] down on its channel strategy [and] innovat[ing] in the mobile application space. Now SAP is taking the cloud with the SAP HANA One platform. ... The SAP HANA One platform isn’t just in-house cloud technology — HANA One lives on...Amazon Web Services...allowing nearly anyone to spin up an instance.


SAP HANA’s special sauce is the in-memory database [which] can hold a maximum of one memory. ... SAP HANA One can be spun up today to and starts at $0.99 per hour.


All in all, these are bold and interesting moves...likely a direct move to counter rivals like Oracle. ... SAP will continue to roll out new technology fast and furious, especially if the German software maker wishes to capture more of the mindshare of software developers and solution providers in the USA.  MORE

Confused? Barry Levine explains:

Hana Cloud [has] AppServices and DBServices. AppServices will allow developers to create applications using native SAP Hana, Java, and shared services. ... NetWeaver Cloud...a modular platform intended for rapid development of on-demand applications [for] SAP and non-SAP systems that are either cloud-based or on-premise.


The first offering of DBServices is the database-as-a-service Hana One...provisioned with up to 60 GB of RAM per instance.  MORE

Adrian Bridgwater scores pedagogical points:

SAP has upped its technical instruction offerings. ...the HANA Academy [is] a free online resource with instructional videos and live and recorded webinars designed to teach "anyone" operate the SAP HANA platform.  MORE

Meanwhile, err, Adrian Bridgwater digs into the detail:

The extended application services in HANA aim to reduce application layers by selectively consolidating application server and real-time data server technologies. [It's] intended to streamline data processing and application development efforts for the creation of real-time applications.


The extended application services...are to be exposed as services via newly enabled data access services, such as ODATA, ATOM, JSON, XML, or XMLA [which]could subsequently be consumed by any business-critical or consumer-facing applications.  MORE

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