Just like at work, except she'll never retire

This pilot fish is the de facto support guy for his mom -- and he used to do that support over the phone, which was extremely painful.

"I'd say move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen and click start and you should see All Programs. She'd say, I don't see Start, I don't have that. Yes you do, look at the lower left corner of the screen. And on it went," says fish.

"I finally installed some remote software and relieved much of my mother support."

But one day, fish gets yet another call: Mom is having trouble printing. Fish remotes in and confirms that the printer software is installed, but he doesn't see the printer as an active device.

He asks what steps she took to install the printer, and walks her through some very basic troubleshooting: Is the printer turned on and connected to the computer? She insists it is.

Several fruitless minutes of troubleshooting later, he loops back through the basic questions in a slightly more detailed way: Is the printer on? Yes. Is the printer cable connected to the computer? No.

Mom, connect the cable from the printer to the computer, fish says.

But Mom insists she doesn't need to. Why not? Because the printer box said it's a wireless printer.

Mom, says fish, you have a computer on your desk, with the printer right next to it, and you don't have a wireless network. Just connect the printer to the computer.

But I don't need to, because it's a wireless printer ...

Sighs fish, "I finally convinced her to connect the printer, and now she can print.

"She did think it was odd that a wireless printer came with wires."

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