It's Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) release date; specs leaked

Today is the Samsung Galaxy S III release date (or S3, if you prefer). Some specs have leaked, despite Samsung's efforts to keep them secret, Apple-style. We'll know more this afternoon. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are watching London.

[Update: Quad- or Dual-core CPU? Could be just dual for LTE versions.]

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    Aunty Beeb speaks peace unto fandroid:

Samsung will put the rest when it unveils the handset in London later [today]. ... [It] will be the first device to feature its new Exynos 4 quad-core chip...offer[ing] double the processing capability while using 20% less energy.


The level of speculation surrounding the phone suggests Samsung's decision to hold a special already paying off. ... Samsung will reveal details of the device at 7pm BST [2pm EDT.   

    Ian Paul tells us what to expect at the event:

Very few details are known about the device despite intense interest...including the device's overall design, storage capacity, and screen size. ... The company may also be stashing the internal a variety of different shells so that no one can be really sure what [it] will look like.


Nevertheless, there have been enough leaks to make a good guess. ... [It] will likely have a 4.7- or 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display...or Super AMOLED Plus...for better colors and improved visibility in bright light.   

Matt Hamblen likes these bigger screens:

I have been thinking about and playing with the...5.3-in. Samsung Galaxy Note since it came out. ... [The] screen is kind of like the "just right" bed in Goldilocks. ... Going back to the iPhone made me realize how small its screen is.


I've also noticed it's a good phone--perfectly good for speakerphone calls, and acceptable...with the device held to my ear. ... What the extra time with the Note has impressed on me is that such a large screen is actually pretty nice.   

So, a Samsung quad-core CPU, eh? Not so fast, says Evan Blass:

A newly-published user agent profile...shows the device being powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon. ... An earlier rumor suggested that...US versions of the next Galaxy were destined to utilize Qualcomm silicon, so...[it] should come as little surprise.


However, with consumers often equating more cores with better performance...[expect] discontent by US cellphone users.   

Meanwhile, Orlin Milinov waxes colorful:

We received an anonymous tip that...[it will come] in two color versions. ... The snap from the inventory system of the large retailer Carphone Warehouse suggests that [it] will be available in...Blue and White.


Samsung Galaxy available in Carbon Blue and Ceramic White, but...the blue color is actually so deep that it's almost black.   

Update: Hayley Tsukayama explains why the US version may be underpowered:

Samsung has managed to keep a pretty good lid on rumors. ... All Samsung has promised is that it will be unveiling its “next Galaxy” [today].


[The] Exynos 4 Quad...quad-core processor will enable 1080p video recording and playback...make multitasking a breeze and be more efficient with battery. ... [But] the LTE chips...could be too big to work with the quad-core processor. So although the international versions...might have the Exynos 4 Quad...[it may not] make it into the U.S. phone. That’s what happened with the HTC One X...though HTC managed to keep speeds impressive even with a dual-core chip.


The company is also expected to launch its own cloud [service]...called S-Cloud.

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Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (B.R.A.D.)

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