Android upgrade report card: Who failed in Q3?

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Android's openness can be both a blessing and a curse. You gain the possibility of interesting alternate takes on the platform, whether from manufacturers or from after-market groups like Cyanogen, but as a result, you lose out on the uniformity and control you see in a locked-down platform like iOS.

You can get a guaranteed fast-upgrade scenario on Android, just like you can with iOS -- but with Android, you have choices. There's a huge variety of devices available, and every phone has something different to offer. If the latest and greatest software is what you want, you can have it; you just have to pick the phone that provides that type of experience.

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And with that, my friends, we close out yet another chapter in the book of Android upgrades. Remember, you can always find the latest Jelly Bean upgrade info for any device in my Android 4.1 upgrade list. It's constantly kept up-to-date with the most current details available for all phones and tablets.

If you're still waiting on ICS, head over to my Android 4.0 upgrade list. It's still updated regularly as new info comes in for that platform.

And if you're still waiting for Gingerbread -- aw, heck, shoot me an email. You deserve a freakin' cookie.

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