Google Maps app for iPhone 5 / iOS 6 -- Get it here

Looking for the Google Maps Web app on your iOS 6 device? New Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 Maps not working so well?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers got your back with the tips and the knowhow.


By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Grant Gross gets going:

Apple CEO Tim Cook is "extremely sorry." ... Apple launched a new version of Maps...built from the "ground up."


[But the] Maps software has misplaced some landmarks, wrong addresses and has not included major infrastructure such as bridges.  MORE

And John Paczkowski pokes fun at Mister Cook:

...he took the unusual step of directing frustrated users to alternative[s]...from the company’s rivals. ... This morning, a new “Featured” category appeared in the App Store: “Find maps for your iPhone/iPad.” ... Unprecedented.


But it’s...very savvy. ... It reinforces the idea that the company cares.  MORE

Gosh! Google's great mapping minions mutter, mirthfully:

Google Maps is available to everyone. ...just follow the steps below.


You get many of the same Google Maps features you’re familiar with...without needing to install any updates.  MORE

So Jonny Evans rallies the troops:

The company is showing it has the commitment to continue to improve the service. ... [The] public apology is a big deal from such a secretive company. ... [Apple] has the money, the intelligence and the clout to improve its services. ... Cook’s statement suggests Apple will be doing just that, and rapidly too.


This new spirit of openness should be welcomed. ...rather than appearing isolationist and remote...[it's] listening to its customers, and making a public promise to improve.


Apple’s statement may also be bad news for former Maps partner, Google. ... Things are going to get interesting.  MORE

"Interesting"? Well, Preston Gralla agrees, but for a different reason:

They're likely celebrating at Microsoft. ... [Cook's] letter is the usual marketing-speak [but with] specific recommendations about mapping apps. ... And the first one he mentions is Bing.


Bing Maps is a winner. doesn't just offer maps, but also driving, walking...mass transit directions...traffic information...location-based business information...very nifty add-ons such as...the prices of gas...a taxi fare calculator, and a parking finder.


Bing Maps deserves more attention, and Apple's map fiasco just gave it some.  MORE

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