iPhone 5 release date rumor claims September launch

By Jonny Evans

The latest Digitimes-driven claim from inside the Apple [AAPL] iPhone 5 supply chain seems to confirm a September launch for the new smartphone.

[ABOVE: One of the recent batch of iPhone 5 concept videos that's doing the rounds at present.]

Pegatron secures new iPhone orders

The report states Pegatron has secured manufacturing orders for the iPhone 5, adding that the product is expected to be launched "in September". The report also claims Pegatron will be manufacturing a 10-inch iPad, also to be launched in Q4.

These claims don't come from Pegatron, but from Digitimes' shadowy world of "Taiwan-based supply chain makers" -- in itself a demographic to conjure with, do people make supply chains?

Crucially, Digitimes adds: "Pegatron has already finished expanding its equipment and labor force for Apple's orders." Does this mean Apple's manufacturing partners have almost finished assembling new production lines for the next crop of iDevices?

7-inch iPad too?

Wait, there's more. The report adds: "A 7-inch iPad, which reportedly will be released in August, will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry)."

If correct -- and with Digitimes it seems best to remain skeptical until the 11th hour -- the report suggests a new iPhone in September, accompanied potentially by a new iPad configuration. It also posits a 7-inch iPad model (which I'd argue might potentially be marketed as an eBook reader for education) scheduled for introduction in August.

Troubles with 4G

I'd warn this speculated-upon "new" 10-inch iPad configuration could turn out to be nothing more than an upgraded version of the existing model.

I'd guess this could be a version which might deliver support for 4G networks in Asia Pacific, Australia/Oceania and Europe. The existing model only supports 4G networks in North America.

It's pretty clear Apple's US-first approach to 4G has angered some consumers and regulators, so there's some pressure for the company to do something to get on top of the fragmented nature of 4G/LTE.

The claims of an iPhone 5 release in September sits well with some previous reports and the general consensus that we won't see an iPhone 5 release at WWDC next month.

Digitimes last week claimed iPhone 4S display manufacturers, were expecting a decline in orders from Apple as the company begins transition to a new model, which will use in-cell displays from Japanese manufacturers, including Sharp.

Apple has been expected to introduce the new iPhone in Fall. The two recent Digitimes reports now favor a September launch, indicating the importance of the iPod range may be deprecated, with all focus now on the new Apple smartphone, which is expected to take on Samsung's devices for dominance of the global industry.

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