iPhone 5 release, the live blog

Love 'em, or loathe 'em, the eyes of the entire tech industry will be glued on San Francisco later on today when Apple's expected to reveal its all new, slimmer, faster, smaller and bigger iPhone 5. Will we see quad-core processors? A 4-inch display? A 12-megapixel camera and support for international flavors of LTE/4G? And will the new device -- which don't forget Apple partner Foxconn promised would "put Samsung to shame" really offer fingerprint recognition in this iteration? And what about the features we haven't heard about yet?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 spoke too soon, you can say 'this is great, 'I want one' or 'there's nothing new' while looking at apple page, apple.com/iphone/

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 One last thing, the new iPods press release marketwatch.com/story/apple-in… THAT'S ALL FOR THE SEPTEMBER APPLE EVENT FOLKS

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 RT ?@inafried Foo fighters playing at apple event pic.twitter.com/SEBjmKQ8

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 and here's the band they're all listening too on the outro -- look forward to the first looks next. youtu.be/ZtsgN6Ms6xo

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 so now they seem to be wrapping up with recap of announcements so far….'the thinnest fastest and best iPhone we've ever shipped…"

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Confusingly old iPod touch stays on sale for a bit. So they didn't sell that last production run completely, then?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 RT@BenedictEvans Apple sold $5.9bn of iPods (& etc) in the last 12 months

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 new nano and touch ship in October. Ship with new Earpods. Are they really gonna call the video glasses in 2013 Eyepods?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Earpods: Apple's shifted 600m sets of earphones, these new ones took 3yrs to make. I want to know their dynamic range...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 iPod touch has Siri but only when connected. Next up earpods (I'm almost Tweeted out…)

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 You'll be needing the iTunes press release then :-) news.investors.com/newsfeed-busin…

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 the ipod touch seems a great gateway to teens to me: good games, 5MP camera. light and fast, is cool. 40hr music playback too...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 New touch is faster with A5 chip, 5 colours (but no green boo). aluminium back, retina display, thinner + freddie mercury connector

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5. iPod touch. 88g. Apple's clearly offering this up as your video games console.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 2.5" display, Bluetooth, lightning, home button, fm radio, pedometer, 7 colours, video playback, size of a biz card. mini iPhone?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And now it's time for the iPod nano. large display, bit bigger. though they've sold 350m iPods so far.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 bit surprised at this -- new iTunes not until October (Wonder if that's to stop people finding its built in 7" iPad support lol)

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 RT@BenedictEvans Apple could have done LTE last year but waited until this year for it to be ready. Could have done NFC this year…

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Mixed read to iTunes, mini player is cool. Decluttering is nice though

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And if you want it from the horse's mouth Apple's PR releases are in the wild now too streetinsider.com/Press+Releases…

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 While I understand apple's obsession with cover art, it just isn't fast enough to navigate when you have 16,000 tracks!! Grrrrr

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 just when you thought it was safe -- its music product time, iTunes first and …here's Eddy Cue...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 100 countries by end of the month -- canada uk france gemnany aus japan Hong Kong singapore at same time as us

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And iOS 6 ships next week on September 19.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Pre-orders start…. <drumroll> September 14

@kmingis #iphone5 pre-orders 9/14, ships 9/21.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Same prices ($199-$399) as iPhone 4S -- and -- get this -- iPhone 48GB now gonna be the free model.

@kmingis Prices for the #iphone5 same as before. $199, $299, $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 PUBLIC INFORMATION moment: some writers may find this useful translate.definitions.net/Lightning

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And in case you missed it by omission -- there ain't no NFC. (NFC industry cries)

@kmingis The #iphone5 camera has a sapphire lens. Ooookay.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Jony Ive does his god like designer video. note 6:53 on clock behind him. video starts at 6.53. oh apple...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 black and white glass, black and slate aluminium etc.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 post to FB using Siri. my poor friends!! :-) <<end of iOS rerun>>

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 ah Siri. Gets sports scores, movies restaurants. <blip> now new Maps. Siri not a lead this year. Who said that? ...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 More software demos. Tweet from notification centre; passbook; apps seem a little less, cramped etc.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 appropriate musical interlude youtube.com/watch?v=fJ9rUz…

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Apple demos Maps. That's hard to show in a Tweet. <<sad face>>

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 and of course it's an Arm chip inside, the cortex A15 says Anandtech.com

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 as @BendedictEvans notes: this is the first new dock connector in a decade… A decade….

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And yes, it's a new Lightning connector. 9-pin. connector works both ways. accessory vendors look forward to new sales….

@kmingis The new #iphone5 connector is called lightning (as in thunderbolt and lightning).

@jonnyevans_cw Better speakers and now noise cancellation in the earpiece. Wideband audio makes your voice sound more like your voice. #iPhone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 and to video. 1,080p, face detection, video stabilisation, and can take snaps while taking video. *even more phones in air at gigs!

@kmingis New panorama mode unveiled for #iphone5 camera. Schiller shows 28MP image of Golden Gate bridge

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 lola @ Schiller: "The ocean just looks bluer on the iPhone 5. Kids look happier. And the world is just a more beautiful place."

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 camera stays at 8MP, but u get 2 f-stops better low light mode, which is cool

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 …AND RELAX: Apple says battery life is even better than 4S despite LTE --> this could be a market advantage, no?

@kmingis Apple promises 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time, 10 hours on WiFi. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 <Shuffles uncomfortably while he waits for a super-duper battery life claim> -- this is CRUCIAL

@kmingis Aaaaand, Apple says the battery life is better than on the iPhone 4S. #iphone5

@kmingis OK, so thinner and faster and lighter. Let's hope battery life is soldi. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And now some demos: games look, well, they look great, if you like them. I'm a LordsNKnights player though :-(

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 ANd of course its an A6 chip, twice as fast, graphics up to 2x faster. opens apps faster too ·

@kmingis The iPhone 5 has uses the A6 chip for better speed, faster graphics. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Dual-channel, 5GHz WiFi. Yeah, UK readers, it's on Everything Everywhere

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 --- overload -- touch sensors in the display help make it 30% thinner

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 of course it has LTE and HSPA+ pm a single chip. Also GPRS, EDGE EV-SO HSPA etc - they call it 'ultrafast wireless' do Apple

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 changes: 5 rows of apps (so watch where you leave your dating apps, lol). Apple apps are optimised. View a week in landscape

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 16:9 retina display,like HDTV, 1136x640 pixels, Schiller: "world's thinnest smartphone". (I told you so)

@kmingis Schiller: The new iPhone 5 has an 1136-by-640 pixel screen with a 16:9 ratio. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And here's a picture ? a media type, pic.twitter.com/wBQzw8uO

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 What you wanna know: 7.6mm thin, weighs 112g, glass and aluminium inc aluminium back

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 -- A trim Phil Schiller launches the taller iPHone 5. big screen, and it came up on a plinth! A PLINTH!!

@kmingis Apple's Phil Schiller says the new iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet. #iphone5

@kmingis Apple unveils the iPhone 5. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 And 400 million iOS devices, natch….

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 despite the spin i still feel app discovery is a problem. Cook says 90% of apps are downloaded each month. Unsure that's great

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 App Store now = over 700,000 apps; 250,000 for iPad.

@kmingis App Store now has 700K app,s 250K of them for the iPad, Cook says. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 84 million iPads sold, 68% tablet market -- thats up from 62% last year

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 'iPad grabs 91% tablet web traffic -- what "Tablet Industry"?

@kmingis Cook: iPad held 62% of global market share in Q2 2011, 68% in Q2 2012. #iphone5

@kmingis More from Cook: 17 million iPads sold in Q2 of the year. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Over 7 million copies of mountain lion so far

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Tim Cook bigs up Apple stores: thought by me: it has been a tough year since this last --lost CEO, Android menace grew, Foxcon etc

@kmingis SO far, Cook says, 7 million copies of OS X Mountain Lion have been downloaded. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 We apologise for technical difficulties -- keep watching the tweets while the engineers do some engineering hopefuly

@kmingis Next up from Cook, discussion about the Mac and this summer's release of OS X Mountain Lion. #iphone5

@kmingis Apple CEO Tim Cook is out on stage, talking up Apple retail. #iphone5

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5 Case and accessory makers already inviting media to showcase events next week. 4-inch?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPhone5: These the bets: 4", thin, LTE, New Dock, better camera, no NFC(?), A6 chip, more?

@jonnyevans_cw #iphone5 And the uk crowd at kings place are reaching for their Twitter buttons. iTweets??

@jonnyevans_cw #iphone5 Life before iPhone -- T Mobile begins 4G push. mashable.com/2012/09/12/t-m… about

@kmingis RT @gkeizer: Apple reveals 'iPhone 5' as name for new smartphone, LTE support, too. #iPhone5 bit.ly/U7DqQ7

@jonnyevans_cw #iphone5 yeah, iPhone 5 and "new iTunes" are on the way. Pandora? ·

@jonnyevans_cw #iphone5 pretty early for an invite-only keynote queue. never felt that need.

@jonnyevans_cw Your final pre-release Apple iPhone 5 release claims #iphone5 shar.es/utZ9b via @computerworld


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