Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 reviews and specs roundup

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 reviews are in and their specs are now known. Time for one of Richi's roundups of comment from around the Web, after Nokia (NYSE:NOK) launches the two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are relieved that you're not forced to have it in this violent yellow garb. 

Nokia 920 (Keltainen älypuhelin: silmiin sattuu!)

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: COPS: Skyrim...

Matt Hamblen has all the details:

The 920 [is] .42 in. x 2.8 in. x 4.06 in. in size and weighs 7.2 ounces. It will come in...yellow, red, or gray, while the 820 will also come in purple. ... "This is the most innovative smartphone in the world," said [Nokia's] Jo Harlow. ... "This is Lumia, and it's time to switch."


Harlow demonstrated how the augmented reality feature...CityLens, allows a user to hold the phone up to a city street and see names of restaurants and stores...hovering over images of the buildings. ... Built-in wireless charging is offered in the 920, allowing a user to lay a phone on a charging pad...based on the Qi wireless charging interoperability standard. ... [It] has a 2000 mAh battery...[and] will be LTE-ready.  MORE

Preston Gralla cheers and jeers:

...the new Lumia 920 looks to be a worthy follow up to the Lumia 900...[with its] Snapdragon S4 processor and...curved, 4.5-inch screen, which Nokia claims has been designed to show up well even in direct sunlight.


There's simply not enough in the new phone to generate that "wow-factor." ...the real smartphone war is being fought [at] retail stores, where individual salespeople push some phones while ignoring others. ... The Lumia 920's capabilities don't fit well into the two-minute pitches salespeople use to sell phones. ...this doesn't mean that I expect Windows Phone 8 to tank. Far from it. ... But for Nokia, this phone simply isn't the life-saver it needs to be.  MORE

Nokia's Ian Delaney talks cameras:

Low light performance has been improved...[by placing] the photosensitive area directly beneath the lens, without wires or metal between. ... More light reaches the plate. ... [And] we’ve adopted a massive f/2.0 it lets in more light.


These advances are complemented by Optical Image Stabilization [so] pictures and videos won’t blur...[using] a gyroscope to move the whole optical assembly to compensate.  MORE

And Microsoft's Ben Rudolph loves both models: [I think he's contractually obliged to -Ed.]

They’re fast, beautiful, and packed with new tech. ... It’s a big phone with a 4.5” [1280x768] display. ... It’s twice as responsive (and way, way brighter) than any other phone lag and smooth, fast scrolling. ... Nokia’s biggest, baddest, most beautiful smartphone so far.


All in all, I’m seriously impressed with the new Lumias, both inside and out. ... PureView and PureMotion HD+ [have] tangible benefits like...more responsive navigation and professional grade photos. ...they’re really something special.  MORE

But Stuart Dredge notes a fly in the ointment:

The smartphone market is a war of hardware-software-apps ecosystems. ... There need to be lots of apps making good money for their developers. ... With an estimated 640m active iOS and Android devices...any other platform...has to do a spectacular job of selling the dream to developers. ... That's the big challenge for Microsoft and Nokia...but it may fall on deaf ears...the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem will struggle to be lucrative for app developers.


most app developers I meet aren't fanboys. ... They're pragmatists who want to do good work, and make money from it. ...they can certainly do good work on Windows Phone. ... [If] Microsoft and Nokia...deliver on their promises, maybe we'll see that really, really big hit app on a Windows Phone in 2013.  MORE

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