Mainframes dead? Not on your Nelly! Here's IBM's cloudy, green zEC12...

IBM (NASDAQ:IBM) proudly announces its latest big, blue baby, the zEnterprise EC12 mainframe. Yes, Virginia, it's still totally relevant in today's great green, virtualized, consumerized, cloud-computing paradise -- or so IBM says: You decide!

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers help us decide.


By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Data? Data data. Data...

Jim Finkle reports:

IBM said it spent more than $1 billion...on efforts to boost...performance, capacity and features. ... Shipments of the new product begin next month.


[It's targeted at] businesses that require tremendous computing power, extreme speed and very high reliability.  MORE

And Steve Lohr adds:

[It adds] yet another chapter to a remarkable story of technological longevity and business strategy. ...the mainframe is still the digital workhorse for banking and telecommunications...[they're] selling briskly in...emerging economies.


Name a trend...— cloud computing, data center computing — and I.B.M. [says mainframes]...deliver the goods. ... Like any threatened species that survives, the mainframe evolved...[and] mainframe customers say the technology has done a good job keeping up with the times.  MORE

Darryl K. Taft has more details:

Security is paramount. ...IBM System z...has achieved Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ security classification. ... The new zEC12 builds on this. ... [It has] a tamper-resistant cryptographic co-processor...that provides privacy for transactions and sensitive data. ... [It supports] digital signatures used with applications for Smart passports, national ID cards and online legal directed by the EU and the public sector.


[It] advances performance for analytics, increasing performance of analytic workloads by 30 percent. can also opt to run zEC12 without a raised datacenter floor -- a first for high-end IBM mainframes.  MORE

No more floor tiles? Heresy! Larry Dignan expandifies:

That feature is critical in emerging markets [allowing] more flexible layouts. ... Cabling and power supplies can be installed overhead.


IBM has been trying to position the mainframe as a cloud building block in...retailers. Specifically, IBM is aiming the mainframe at the "hybrid cloud." ... The zEnterprise EC12 [can add] IBM's Power7 and System x [to make] one virtualized system.  MORE

Already have a Z? Upgrade it, says Daniel Robinson:

...the earlier z10 and z196 are capable of being upgraded in the field to a zEC12.  MORE

But what about the mid-Hudson Valley economy? Craig Wolf cries out: [You're fired -Ed.] stands as a sign that IBM’s 71-year presence in Poughkeepsie remains important. ...mainframes have been a key part of Dutchess County’s economy for nearly 50 years. ... The microprocessor chips...are made at IBM’s semiconductor plant in East Fishkill, and are...the world’s fastest...25 percent faster than previous models.


IBM declined to comment on what impact [it] has on employment...[but] said it’s good news for Poughkeepsie.  MORE

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