New iPhone 5 release date nears: More pictures leak

As the New iPhone -- or iPhone 5 -- release date gets ever closer, the inevitable feature rumors get ever stronger. Bolstered by yet more pictures of Apple's (NASDA:AAPL) components, fanbois are in a frenzy of fanaticism.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't get enough of Apple rumors (and Apple is probably happy to silently oblige).

iPhone 5

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Death by PowerPoint? Karaoke by Prezi!..

Gregg Keizer kicks off the roundup with this sober reportage:

Friday's closing price of $648.11 was a record for Apple. ... Investors are expecting record revenue from...the iPhone 5—the lieu of any firm title from Apple.


Apple may...also announced an "iPad Mini"...probably be priced between $249 and $299. ... Earlier this year...IDC said that the...iPad Mini...would increase sales by 23% during 2013.  MORE

Arnold Kim has more triangulation of those persistent 4-inch screen rumors:

UBreakiFix has received these photos of the full front panel.


The new screen is said to have increased to 4" in diagonal...while preserving the same pixel density.  MORE

And Shawn Ingram analyzes the imagery:

[They] show the new taller display mounted on the back of the front display panel...we can see that it is taller than the screen on the iPhone 4S.


[It] might confirm the authenticity of the front panel and other parts...we’ve seen [and] helps prove the front panels we’ve seen recently are real.  MORE

Actually, Keith Melendez has other parts -- in his actual hands:

In the first picture below, you’ll see two 8-pin dock connector and headphone jack assemblies for the Mini iPad...[and] the iPhone 5. ... Pretty cool.  MORE

Want more? Zach Epstein adds his own take:

Apple’s (AAPL) sixth-generation iPhone is just weeks away...bits and pieces continue to leak.


Apple’s next iPhone is [also] expected to feature...4G LTE, NFC and a 7.6-millimeter-thin case.  MORE

Oh yes, the cries of SUATMM are palpable now; Jonny Evans tells us when that could happen:

Apple seems set to introduce [it] on September 12, with the device shipping September 21...[but] customers outside of the US and certain key territories will need to be prepared for a short wait.

... Apple survey revealed during the Samsung case claims...that 30 percent of consumers want a larger screen.  MORE

Meanwhile, Katie Marsal returns to the stock-price angle:

Equity research firm Jefferies...raised its price target on shares of Apple to $900.  MORE

But Andrew Dodson won't be swept up, listing all the ways the hype "could bomb":

iPhone 5 is one of the most-hyped...devices in the past decade. ... But here’s a thought: Could it flop?


[If] Apple decides to hold the release a month or two...due to supply issues it would be a huge disappointment.


...if you waited until October or November to pick up that iPhone 4, you may have to wait...before upgrading.


Battery life on the iPhone 5 is a legitimate concern.


It’s unclear how long Apple has been manufacturing the iPhone 5, problems [may mean people will] not wait and choose to go with Samsung’s Galaxy III.


Part of the iPhone 5’s new design is its smaller dock connecter...loyal Apple users have piles upon piles of 30-pin chargers that we will have to start throwing away.  MORE
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