Smarter healthcare is connected healthcare

At Directions 2011, IDC analysts shared IDC's vision of the emerging "3rd Platform" based on the four pillars of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data technologies. Directions 2012 will continue the discussion of this new platform for growth and innovation for the ICT industry, and many other "intelligent" industries, including healthcare. The theme for Directions 2012 is Competing for 2020: Delivering on the Promise of the Connected World.

New care delivery and reimbursement models are evolving to meet the demands of health reform and will provide new opportunities for improving financial and clinical performance. The perfect alignment of drivers - health reform, cost, access, increased focus on managing chronic conditions, and an aging population - will help healthcare organizations justify investment in connected health IT strategies over the next five years to provide smarter healthcare.

My presentation will address the following critical questions:

  • What are the mega-trends behind connected healthcare?
  • Why make healthcare smarter?
  • What is smarter healthcare?
  • What role do specific technologies play?
  • How big is the opportunity?

Examples of notable connected health projects and essential guidance will also be provided.

In addition, I will be hosting a round table that will explore how forward thinking healthcare organizations are using connected health technologies such as remote patient monitoring, consumer-facing mobile health applications, clinical mobility, sensors, and video conferencing to enhance patient engagement, improve care team collaboration, and provide quality care in the most cost-effective setting.

Hope to see you in either San Jose on March 7th or Boston on March 13th.

Lynne A. Dunbrack is a member of the IDC Insights Community, where this post was originally published.

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