Obama didn't get advance copy of new iPad

Aboard Air Force One today en route to Charlotte, President Barack Obama's press secretary was asked about the latest iPad during the press briefing.

After answering questions about Syria, Iran as well as some other topics of national importance, the press corps peppered Jay Carney, the press secretary, about Apple's new product.

Here's the White House transcript:

Q Is the President interested in this new iPad that’s coming out today? Does he want one? Is he paying attention to the announcement?

MR. CARNEY: I haven't had a discussion with him about the announcement today, the iPad announcement today. He is, as I think is now well known, an avid user of his iPad.

Q Did he get an advanced copy?

Q Yes, like he did the last one?

MR. CARNEY: I don’t believe so. But he thinks, as I think a lot of users do, that the iPad is a great product, and I'm sure would -- like a lot of us, he looks forward to seeing what the new one has to offer, assuming there is a new one. I don’t have any inside information. (Laughter.)

All right. Thanks, guys.

Q Thanks, Jay.


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