WikiLeaks exposes Stratfor emails: Private lives and lies of private spies

Like a privatized CIA, global intelligence company Stratfor wanted to be #1 and even teach U.S. Intel how to do it right -- how to spy on activists and other corporations. "The Global Intelligence Files" leak is full of corruption, from ruling people by taking "financial, sexual or psychological control," to offering client Coca Cola access to the "FBI's classified investigation of PETA operatives." In a video about WikiLeaks publishing internal Stratfor emails, Julian Assange said, the emails are "documenting private lives and private lies of private spies." 

If you believe the news as reported by Reuters, will your opinion change to know Stratfor had secret deals with Reuters and "dozens of media organizations and journalists" to put the "right" spin on the news? Stratfor's 'Confederation Partners,' internally dubbed 'Confed F**k House', are in the leaked emails.

There are so many different ways to spin off from the knowledge via the leaked emails, but let me share some random, jumped out at me, "highlights" (real lows) dirt from Stratfor emails. Remember Aaron Barr, the CEO of HBGary Federal, and when Bank of America used three intelligence firms to attack WikiLeaks? Palantir Technologies was one of those firms and Palantir software was discussed in the Stratfor emails. "These guys also came up for working with HBGary in trying to monitor WikiLeaks.... I think Palantir is up to some shadier stuff to. Including funding Facebook........ (Palantir's CEO is even depicted in the movie)." Another member on the Stratfor CT email list discussed Palantir's deep packet inspection, calling it "Similar to the stuff the Syrians were recently reported to be using. Great for monitoring people who think they are anonymous, and, wait for it.......attribution!"

Another Stratfor email for the analysts' list discusses how corporations are suddenly worried after WikiLeaks and AntiSec spilled their dirty secrets. Random Business Idea - Network Security, states, "I was wondering if it was possible for us to get some of that 'leak-focused' gravy train. This is an obvious fear sale, so that's a good thing."

If you recall, the Justice Department debated using the Espionage Act to make us all felons if we read or discussed WikiLeaks. The DOJ was mentioned in the Stratfor email called Sam Kent & Halliburton which discusses former-Federal Judge Sam Kent (the first Federal Judge found guilty of serious crimes in the US). Kent said, isn't it "strange that the Justice Department begins sniffing around for dirt to throw at me just weeks after I ruled a heavy case against Halliburton. Then a small set of affairs turn into an untrue situation and then spun up into an unprecedented case against a Federal Judge." The Stratfor Director of Analysis added, "Of course, I told him he was nuts to rule anything against Halliburton. I also told him that this sounds like a John Grisham plotline."

Here are a few other bits and bytes that jumped out at me. Re: [CT] Untangling the Bizarre CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque states the "links between the group behind the controversial mosque, the CIA and U.S. military establishment have gone unacknowledged." And even if Boliva doesn't necessarily interest you, the Stratfor email INSIGHT-BOLIVIA-St. Dept source's take on Morales might. Ex-Department of State and VP of Stratfor Intelligence, Fred Burton wrote, "Back in the day, we would have been planning his (and Chavez's) helicopter 'accident.' Guess I'm getting old, I think its best to keep these lads around for comic relief. Evo and Chevez belong in the US Congress and could probably get elected."

That is merely the tip of Stratfor dirty secrets, and not necessarily the most important revealed in the emails. Do you want to follow the client lists or follow the money? Stratfor CEO George Friedman resigned, but the fallout for Stratfor is only just beginning.


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