Toshiba: Thrive to get Ice Cream Sandwich this spring

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Got a Toshiba Thrive and craving a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich? Your wait may be coming to an end soon.

Toshiba Thrive Ice Cream Sandwich

Toshiba is now telling customers it's targeting the "end of spring" to provide the Android 4.0 upgrade to its flagship 10-inch tablet. Company reps have been openly discussing the Thrive's Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade plans via the official @ToshibaUSA account on Twitter in recent days. Up till now, Toshiba hadn't said much of anything about if or when the Thrive would get ICS.

To be clear, there's been no official formal announcement beyond the Twitter mentions thus far -- I've reached out to Toshiba to request some sort of statement and will update this page if/when I receive one -- but the public discussion of a specific upgrade plan is certainly a positive sign.

So when are we actually talking about this thing happening? This year's spring season technically lasts from March 20 through June 19, so we're looking at a late-second-quarter window, based on Toshiba's remarks. Remember, too: All this talk revolves around the 10-inch Toshiba Thrive model; the company has yet to say anything about ICS upgrade plans for its 7-inch variation of the tablet.

[UPDATE: While I've yet to receive any sort of formal statement, Toshiba Public Relations Manager Eric Paulsen has confirmed to me via Twitter that the company is targeting the "end of spring" for both the 10-inch and 7-inch Thrive models.]

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