Yahoo! Voices hack reveals 453,492 passwords, claims D33Ds Company

Yahoo! Voices (née Associated Content) has been hacked by a group calling itself D33Ds Company. The perps claim to have lifted almost half a million login credentials using a SQL-injection attack. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers change their Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) passwords, just in case.


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Dave Kennedy broke the story:

[But his website was crushed by the load -Ed.]      


So let's turn to Dan Goodin, at his new home:

The [passwords] posted on a public website by a hacking collective [who] said it penetrated the Yahoo subdomain using...a union-based SQL injection.


To support their claim, the hackers posted what they said were the plaintext credentials for 453,492...accounts.      

And Andy Greenberg raids the wayback machine:


In case you missed it, John "John" Koetsier repeats the advice advice:

...the affected service is... Yahoo Voices, the user-generated content service. ... Which means that if you’ve ever contributed content to Yahoo Voices or Associated Content...change your passwords.


[This is probably] case of hackers finding an old user account backup...[but]  many people do not use unique usernames or passwords for different sites...[so] change your passwords!      

Meanwhile, the Open Security Foundation notes this fascinating fact:

20 passwords have "squirrel" in them!      



And Finally...

The Queen's royal sausages

[don't watch while eating!]

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