Chrome browser app for Android OS: Review roundup

Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) shipped a beta Chrome browser app for the Android OS. Well, for version 4.0, at least. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers review and analyze.

Your humble blogwatcher (@Richi Jennings) curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Why pilots sometimes go-around instead of landing...

    Gregg Keizer reports:

[The] new browser -- currently offered as a beta -- is essentially the same browser as the desktop edition. .. Chrome on Android is an app available on the Android Market. .. Chrome also gives Google a credible rival to..third-party browsers..from Opera Software and Mozilla.


Chrome for Android requires Ice Cream Sandwich -- that version..powers a minute 1% of all Android devices now in use. .. Chrome for Android is based on Chrome 16.0.915.75..and can be downloaded by users in the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain and the U.K.   

    JR Raphael adds:

Chrome..functions separately from the stock system browser -- and offers plenty of advantages over it. .. The reason [it's] only available on because of the browser's dependency on hardware acceleration.


Chrome for Android gets tabs right. .. [It] automatically pops up a magnified view anytime you tap a link that's close to other links. .. Perhaps the most impressive feature of Chrome for Android is its integrated sync..[including] open tabs. .. [It] offers a quick and easy way to switch to incognito mode. .. [But] one of the biggest its speed.   

MG Siegler quips, "Browser is dead. Long live Chrome.":

In fact, the browser is a year in the making. [But] it wasn’t as easy as simply porting some required a lot of thought to do it right.


There are a number of things that are noticeably better than standard of mobile web browsing: mobile Safari for iOS. And there are a few things it still does worse. .. [The] team has done an excellent job turning..tabs into a beautiful and responsive interface. .. Having said that, there is a notable absence in Chrome for Android: Flash.   

Meanwhile, SJVN offers hisNSHO:

One of the great Google mysteries..was why Google hadn’t released Chrome [for] Android earlier. .. [But] Chrome is only available for tablets and smartphones running Android 4.0. .. Darn it!


Chrome for Android also includes the desktop Web browser’s extremely fast V8 JavaScript engine. .. It does not, at this time, however have password sync. .. That will come in a later version.


[It] looks like Google already has a winner. Now, ahem, Google if you could just port it to Android 2.3..I’d be perfectly happy with this news.   

   And Finally...
Why do pilots sometimes go-around instead of landing?
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