Oh, THAT one!

This company is upgrading production equipment at several sites spread all over the state, reports a pilot fish on the project.

"While installing equipment at another facility, I got a call from one of the facilities that we had upgraded earlier in the month," says fish. "They told me that one of the new computers we installed wouldn't power up. I was busy with another installation, so I had one of my service techs to take a look at the issue."

Tech arrives and soon determines that the power supply is bad. He replaces the PC with a new one, but the new box doesn't have the production software installed -- in fact, it's coming up with the "Welcome to Windows" dialog box. And tech doesn't have a disk image he can just copy to the drive.

That means another call to fish, who instructs the tech to remove the hard drive from the bad PC and install it into the new one -- which should be a simple process, since the new PC cases are tool-less and all the drives are on rails.

An hour later, the tech calls fish yet again. "The PC is still starting up with the 'Welcome to Windows' dialog box," he says.

Puzzled, fish thinks a moment. Then he asks tech what the hard drive looks like.

The response: "It's the one on top when you remove the case cover. It has the tray that comes out."

Sighs fish, "I informed the tech that he had swapped CD-ROM drives and that the hard drive was the silver drive underneath the CD-ROM -- the one that has the words 'hard drive' printed on the label."

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