Apple beats rumor numbers on Wall St.

Apple did much better than the rumors predicted for its Q4 results. The pomaceous peddler of fashionable portable-computers-that-sometimes-make-phone-calls (NASDAQ:AAPL) surprised Wall Street with record numbers. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers try to put it all in context.

Your humble blogwatcher (@richi ) curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: An Open Letter to Nickelodeon, Re: SpongeBob's Pineapple under the Sea...

    Gregg Keizer reports "smashed sales records":

The quarter's revenue [was] $46.3 billion. .. Sales rose by profit [was] $13 billion..more than double [year on year].


The quarter was fueled by a huge jump in sales of the iPhone..nearly 53% of Apple's revenue. .. 37 million iPhones, 82% more than the previous record..[but] Wall Street's estimate..had settled around 32 million. .. Demand for the iPhone 4S..continued to outstrip supply. .. iPad sales also set a record..15.4 million..up 111%.


Apple sold 5.2 million Macs, beating the previous record of 4.9 million..26% more [year on year]. .. However, Macs still account for a small percentage of total personal computer sales.   

   Rik Myslewski adds:

Sales and profits were significantly above what the Wall Street moneymen had expected. .. Analysts polled by FactSet Research..predicted revenues of $39bn.


We can only assume that..maybe some of those Wall Street analysts might need to start looking for new [jobs].   

MG Siegler writes rude words:

Holy ****.


[The] stock [is] up 10% now in after-hours trading..pushing Apple’s market cap well past $400 billion. Apple now has $97.6 billion in cash.   

David Goldman contextualizes:

Apple's market cap is higher than the gross domestic product of Greece, Austria, Argentina, or South Africa..a stunning achievement for a 35-year old company that had a market cap of just $10 billion [in 2002].   

And Hillel Fuld has nothing to add... err except this:

I felt like I could not possibly add anything here to what has already been said..but on the other hand, how could I not? .. [T]hese numbers are by all standards, outrageous!


Apple sold..412k iPhones per day. Compare that to 371k people born around the world every day.


Apple generated..$13.06 of quarterly profit. .. That is more money than all of Google’s revenue, which stands at $10.6 billion.


Samsung, which was previously the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer sold 35 the quarter..Apple sold 37 million iPhones.   

   And Finally...
Open Letter to Nickelodeon, Re: SpongeBob's Pineapple under the Sea
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