'The next iPhone isn't the iPhone 5!' (reader mailbag)

I love getting email and comments from readers. No, really, I do; even the ranting, spittle-flecked flames. Please feel free. So I was pleased to receive this missive, from a reader who shall remain anonymous. It's no flame; however, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. See what you think. I've copied it here with only minimal editing:

Richi, I constantly see reports about the next iPhone..and it drives me nuts to no end that everyone, from analysts to bloggers keep calling the next iPhone the "iPhone 5." While I admit I'm a nobody in the Mac world (hell, I'm a nobody in the REAL world!), I got so sick and tired of it the other night that I wrote down my thoughts. Since I've no outlet for my frustrations, it at least makes me feel better to spout off to someone with a voice, even if this note immediately goes into the junk folder. Thanks!

It's been driving me nuts in recent days to see reports (rumors) of the next iPhone, the "iPhone 5." The next iPhone is not the iPhone 5. The current iPhone is the iPhone 5! There was:

  1. iPhone,
  2. iPhone 3G,
  3. iPhone 3GS,
  4. iPhone 4 and
  5. iPhone 4S.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict not only the name of the next iPhone, but the next two iPhones. Are you ready? The next iPhone will be called....iPhone 4G! And the 2013 iPhone? It will be called...wait for it...iPhone 4GS! The next iPhone is at the least the iPhone 6.

So everyone, please quit calling it the iPhone 5. That ship has sailed.

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Richi Jennings, blogger at large

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