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Research In Motion's pair of 'blundering' CEO/chairmen have quit. The company (TSE:RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM) named Thorsten Heins as CEO and Barbara Stymiest as chair (as rumored). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if this will halt RIM's death march.

Your humble blogwatcher (@richi ) curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Feline caulk meme punnage...

    John Ribeiro reports:

Lazaridis and..Balsillie have quit. .. Thorsten Heins..formerly the COO..has taken charge. .. Barbara Stymiest takes over as the new chairman.


The new CEO did not indicate any immediate change in the direction of the beleaguered Canadian company. .. The company is recruiting a new [CMO]. .. RIM saw the share of its BlackBerry drop to 2.9 percent in the third quarter of 2011..even as the share of mobile phones running Android doubled.


Net [quarterly] profit at $265 million was down 71 percent.   

    Aunty Beeb adds to the tale of woe:

Investors have called for a strategy change as the company struggles.


It had its worst service outage in 2011 and has been losing market share. .. Billions of dollars have been wiped from its market value. .. [The] PlayBook tablet..has not proven as popular as the company had hoped.   

Ryan Paul sees a silver lining in the cloudy situation:

RIM has seen its position in the smartphone market crumble over the past few years. .. RIM has struggled to modernize its operating system and deliver competitive products.


Heins will face many challenges..but the company has a robust patent portfolio. .. Reports that emerged last week indicated that several companies..are in talks to acquire RIM.   

And Tim Carmody looks to the future:

The launch of the first Blackberry[s]..featuring QNX will be Heins’ first real test as CEO. .. [By] doubling down on QNX, Heins now owns that platform.   

But Darren Murph is excoriatingly blunt:

Anyone who assumes that a simple CEO swap is the answer to all of RIM's issues is woefully misinformed. .. Sure, removing [the co-CEOs] a start, but it's not like they're gone. .


Mike is hanging around as..Chair of the Board's new Innovation Committee. You heard right..[he's] championing an innovation committee. .. Jim's staying put as an outright director, and if you think anyone at RIM is going to [ignore] the founders, you're wrong.


[Heins] is the guy who oversaw the same BlackBerry smartphone platform that the..consumer base has been lambasting for being so last decade..he was at the top of it. He had plenty of power to make changes..[but] didn't.


[T]his CEO speak smacks of the exact same thinking that [got] RIM where it is today: miles behind. .. RIM needs a reboot.   

Agreeing, Jay Yarow is less wordy:

This guy doesn't exactly make you want to run through a wall to smash the competition.


   And Finally...
Feline caulk meme punnage

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