Google I/O keynote: Live blog and streaming video (day 2)

It's hard to believe, but Google's I/O developers' conference is just getting started.

Google IO 2012

The first day of Google I/O was intense. The day one keynote was a whirlwind of product announcements -- Nexus 7 tablet, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), Nexus Q home entertainment computer -- and some pretty phenomenal extreme sport spectacles (skydiving onto the Moscone Center roof? Who else but Google?!).

I'm not quite sure how Google can follow that act, but we'll find out soon. Google's I/O 2012 day two keynote kicks off at 10:00 PT this morning. While Google hasn't officially said what this second keynote will address, topics like Chrome, Chrome OS, Google TV, and cloud services sure seem like strong bets.

Once again, I'll be on the floor of the Moscone Center in San Francisco taking it all in for you. I'll provide play-by-play commentary of the keynote, joined by my Computerworld colleagues Sharon Gaudin and Matt Hamblen. We'll have live streaming video of the event so you can follow along yourself, too.

The action's all on this page, starting at 10:00 a.m. PT. Are you ready?


@jr_raphael Well, that was anticlimactic. Day two keynote over. Day one rocked. Day two gently jiggled. That's a wrap, folks! #io12

@sgaudin OK, the keynote is over. I'm left wondering... "Is that it?" #io12

@matthamblen I do this biking/climbing stuff every day on my lunch hour. #io12

@sgaudin Sergey still up on the roof, in a Google+ Hangout wearing his Google Glass glasses. #io12

@matthamblen I'm sure it was harder to get FAA approval.#io12

@matthamblen #io12 compliments of hangouts, oops

@sgaudin How many strings did Google have to pull (money paid?) to get the City of San Francisco to OK this? #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Jumpers flying from airship to Moscone, compliments of handouts, Google glasses.

@jr_raphael Maybe I'm getting jaded, though. I mean, it is pretty cool, all considered. Not something you see every day. #io12

@jr_raphael The parachuting-onto-the-Moscone-roof thing yesterday was wildly impressive. Doing it again today...not quite as much. #io12

@jr_raphael Sergey appears to be wearing mesh shorts and a t-shirt for his big keynote appearance. I can respect that. #io12

@sgaudin How quickly we're bored... Skydivers are back and the Google I/O crowd is all "that's so yesterday" #io12

@matthamblen #io12 OK, so Google has proven it IS the modern-day circus.

@sgaudin Sergey Brin has shade clips on his Google Glass glasses. Yup, it was possible to make them even geekier. Who knew? #io12

@jr_raphael Uh oh. Sergey's back on the roof with bikers. This guy needs a show on the Discovery Channel. #io12

@matthamblen That Google guy (Sergey Brin) is on the roof of Moscone, lol. with jumpers, #io12

@sgaudin More extreme bikers and the skydivers are back in an airship over San Francisco. #io12

@jr_raphael You heard it here first. RT @@sgaudin @jr_raphael promising a tumbling demo with Cirque du Soleil in lobby at noon. #io12

@sgaudin Sergey Brin up on the Moscone roof. What wacky demo does he have in store today?? #io12

@matthamblen Samsung Chromebox going to all I/o developers. #io12

@sgaudin @jr_raphael promising a tumbling demo with Cirque du Soleil in lobby at noon. #io12

@matthamblen Cirque's Web world is called #MoviKantiRevo. #io12...Gotta admit, is there anything Google's not doing?

@matthamblen Cirque's Web world works just as well on a browser tablet, reportedly.#io12

@jr_raphael Pretty impressive, technically speaking. Cool graphics, smooth performance. (Side note: I really need to do some pullups.) #io12

@sgaudin What? Not even a somersault?? #io12

@matthamblen #io12 applause for a 3D transform in Cirque's Web world.

@matthamblen Cirque in a browser: A Cirque guide opens curtains, and then Web video and HTML positioned in 3D space take over.#io12

@jr_raphael Cirque du Soleil showing off browser-based app that lets you navigate through the Cirque world. Sheesh. I can't even touch my toes. #io12

@matthamblen Cirque du Soleil talks about converting live theater into a beautiful immersive Web world.#io12

@sgaudin What a disappointment. Cirque du Soleil comes onstage. No tumbling. No rolling. Come on.... #io12

@jr_raphael People from Cirque du Soleil are coming out. Doesn't look like they're gonna do any acrobatics, though. Damn. #io12

@jr_raphaelLots of games available in Chrome Web Store. I'm tempted to go play one now. #io12 #keynotelulls

@jr_raphael I guess pricing info on Google Compute Engine is still TBA. They're moving onto Web dev stuff now. Power of Web platform, yadda yadda. #io12

@matthamblen With Genome Explorer, Google showed 771,886 virtual cores working to solve a problem. #io12

@sgaudin Google talks about more than 770,000 cores and developers swoon. #io12

@sgaudin Compute Engine now open in limited preview. #io12

@matthamblen Google promises Compute Engine will provide 50% more compute power per dollar than other providers.#io12

@jr_raphael Google Compute Engine now open in limited preview. No word yet on pricing specifics. #io12

@jr_raphael "Up to 50% more compute for dollar than other cloud providers." Gee, I wonder who he could be talking about... #io12

@jr_raphael Talking about stability of Google data centers. Consistent level of performance. Super duper speed. Want some? They're sellin' it. #io12

@jr_raphael (And yes -- a lot less overtly exciting consumer news so far today. Hopefully still some good surprises ahead...) #io12

@matthamblen Virtual machines on demand announced at I/O: Google Compute Engine: infrastructure as a service; Linux Virtual Machines.#io12

@jr_raphael Just announced: Google Compute Engine. Gives you Linux virtual machines at Google scale. #io12

@sgaudin Something you don't hear all the time... Google talking about servers. #io12

@jr_raphael Seems like we're moving onto cloud server services now. This might be the Amazon cloud competitor we've been hearing about... #io12

@sgaudin Chromebooks now going to be sold at Best Buy across the U.S. and eventually in the U.K. #io12

@jr_raphael I did a two-week long test of the new Chrome OS devices: #io12

@jr_raphael Talking about the new Chrome OS devices now. Second-gen Chromebook and the Chromebox. #io12

@jr_raphael Google Docs offline presentations and spreadsheets coming soon. Documents available now. #io12

@sgaudin Use Google Docs offline, work and then go online to automatically sync back up with the cloud. #io12

@jr_raphael GDocs offline: That's great news, but it's also kind of one of those "about damn time" types of things. #io12

@sgaudin Google Docs now works for editing docs offline. Now you have no excuse not to work on the plane home. Drats! #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Collaboration in cloud with Google Docs over Google Drive over Chrome OS, on smarthphone, tablet, etc., etc.

@jr_raphael Aaand....there it is. Google Docs offline, with full editing support. Boom. #io12

@sgaudin Google Drive allows for real-time collaboration in the cloud with Google Docs collaboration. #io12

@jr_raphael Drive on Chrome OS: now fully integrated into the OS. (If you've used the dev channel of Chrome OS, you've already seen how it looks.) #io12

@jr_raphael I assume full support for Google Docs offline will launch today, too. Seems like a given. No word yet, though. #io12

@sgaudin Since today is the one-year anniversary of Google+, wondering if Sergey will have some cool social demo -- fire eaters? lion tamers? #io12

@sgaudin Google: "We’ve brought a lot of the best features of Drive to the mobile unit." #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Google Drive works on iOS.

@jr_raphael Google Drive now available in iOS and Chrome OS. Starting today. #io12

@sgaudin Pichai: 45 state governments, 5M businesses using Google cloud apps. #io12

@jr_raphael Google up to 10 million users. Someone's coming out to talk more about Drive now. (I hope it's Rihanna.) #io12

@sgaudin Sundar Pichai slams Microsoft SharePoint. Says businesses are racing to "go Google". #io12

@matthamblen #io12, lol, online video collaboration means fewer meetings? really?

@jr_raphael Talking about all the companies "going Google." And now we get to see a video about it! Where's Sergey with the parachuters already?! #io12

@sgaudin Gmail has 425 million active monthly users. #io12

@matthamblen #io12 credentials to get into New York Times and others sync across devices with Chrome, with no log-in needed.

@jr_raphael I wonder if it uses Apple's Safari technology under the hood, though. Will be interesting to see speed/performance comparisons. #io12

@jr_raphael Also launching for iPad. Despite Apple's app development restrictions, it looks like a true mobile Chrome experience. #io12

@sgaudin Vic Gundotra promises Sergey Brin will be back today. How will he top skydivers?? #io12

@matthamblen #io12 CHrome also works on iPad.

@jr_raphael News: Chrome for iPhone launching today. Magic Apple dust not included. #io12

@sgaudin Chrome for the iPhone available later today. #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Chrome usable on iPhone, later today rolled in App Store.

@matthamblen All tabs in Chrome sync across devices. #io12.

@sgaudin Hard to hear Google I/O keynote for all the people cursing about the lame wifi connection. #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Chrome works across devices, with an open Web page on a laptop easily pulled to a smartphone or Nexus 7 tablet.

@jr_raphael Still nothing new or noteworthy. With all the big Chrome/Chromebook launches last month, I wonder if they have any surprises left. #io12

@jr_raphael He's showing us how he uses Chrome as a browser. Here's hoping we don't see any unexpected incognito windows in the background... #io12

@jr_raphael VP of Chrome taking the stage now. I feel like he should have some cool-sounding rapper name instead of just "Brian." #io12

@jr_raphael To be fair, most Chrome users probably did use IE -- to download Chrome. #io12

@jr_raphael Chrome now up to 310 million active users, up from 160 million one year ago. Internet Explorer sheds a tear. #io12

@jr_raphael Doing the obligatory stats talk now. Lots of traffic. People use the cloud. 2.3 billion McCloud Burgers served. #io12

@jr_raphael Big countdown is up. 30 seconds to start. #io12

@sgaudin Wifi at Google I/O keynote is wonky. Asked a Googler for help. He replied, "Good luck." Does not bode well. #io12

@jr_raphael No official word yet on what today's keynote will cover, but Chrome, Chrome OS, Google TV, and cloud services all seem like good bets. #io12

@sgaudin Google I/O Day 2 keynote about to begin. I'll be keeping you updated throughout! #io12

@jr_raphael We're inside! Things should get going any minute now... #IO12

@jr_raphael You can also follow along and find streaming video here: #IO12

@jr_raphael We're standing outside the auditorium now. Things should get going in about half an hour. #IO12

@jr_raphael I/O, I/O, it's off to work we go. Time for the second big keynote! I'll be providing live play-by-play commentary once again. #io12

@sgaudin Back in line for Google I/O keynote -- Day 2. Any guesses what's in store for today? #io12

@sgaudin Wrapping up the blisters on my feet and heading back to the second day of the Google I/O conference. #io12


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