Google I/O keynote: Live blog and streaming video (day 1)

Well, kiddos, it's finally time: Google's I/O 2012 developers' conference officially kicks off this morning -- and the big event promises to start with a bang.

Google I/O 2012 opens with its first keynote at 9:30 a.m. PT (12:30 p.m. ET). While Google hasn't said what exactly the keynote will cover, the odds of it being Android-centric seem pretty darn high.

Google I/O 2012 - Moscone Center

All the buzz suggests we'll get our first glimpse at the long-rumored 7-inch Google Nexus tablet; we'll almost certainly hear something about the next version of Android, too -- what looks to be Jelly Bean, a.k.a. Android 4.1. And remember, Google's expected to launch an army of new Nexus phones later this year; if we're lucky, we might hear something about that before the week's end, too.

I'm at San Francisco's Moscone Center watching I/O unfold up close and personal. I'll be providing live play-by-play commentary starting around 9:30 a.m. PT, joined by my Computerworld colleages Sharon Gaudin and Matt Hamblen. We'll have live streaming video of the event so you can follow along yourself, too.

So, are you ready to get Googley? The action's all right here on this page, starting at 9:30 a.m. PT.


@jr_raphael That's a wrap, folks -- day 1 keynote is over. I'll have hands-on impressions of new devices later today. I/O is just getting started. #io12

@sgaudin And you get a Nexus Q! And you get one! And you get one! Google goes all Oprah... #io12

@sgaudin Make space in your suitcase... Google also giving out the new Nexus Q. #io12

@matthamblen Barra announces 6k developers will get get new Galaxy Nexus phone, Nexus Q, a Nexus 7 tablet and Jelly Bean preview #io12

@sgaudin Hugo: Android developer pack for 6,000 I/O attendees = new Nexus phone and tablet. Now the audience is happy. #io12

@matthamblen $1500 for Google Glass for I/O folks only, delivered early 2013.#io12

@jr_raphael Wait a minute: It costs $1500 and ships early next year. Excitement...dropping... (Still cool, though.) #io12

@sgaudin Get out your check book. Google Glass Explorer Edition is going to be $1,500... and for developers only. #io12

@sgaudin Oh, cool. Google is offering pre-orders for the Google Glass Explorer Edition for US-based I/O attendees. #io12

@jr_raphael Google Glass "explorer edition" -- pre-order available for everyone at I/O! Hello... #io12

@jr_raphael Semi-serious question: How long until the porn industry embraces and corrupts the Google Glass concept? Google Glass - "Gl" = ... #io12

@jr_raphael I suspect @sgaudin is secretly wearing Glass on her eyeglasses. #io12 #incorrectconspiracytheories

@matthamblen Google Glass: don't wear them in the shower.#io12

@jr_raphael Still probably have Chrome/Chrome OS stuff left for tomorrow. Maybe Google TV, potential cloud service announcement? #io12

@jr_raphael Still going Glass here. This has been a seriously jam-packed keynote. Android 4.1, Nexus 7, Nexus Q, G+ tablet apps...what's left? #io12

@jr_raphael (Wondering how many Glass-wearing Google employees are going to crash into me while walking through the convention hall.) #io12

@sgaudin Hey, IO attendees... Anyone know who this guy is talking about Glass? #io12

@jr_raphael Glass components all on one side; allows for different form factors, support for regular glasses. #io12

@sgaudin Google: We created Glass so you can interact with the virtual world without distracting you from the real world. #io12

@jr_raphael Showing off Google Glass now. Really hope to try it myself later today. Will really be surprised if I get to. #io12

@jr_raphael Some serious action sports going on in this keynote...who else but Google?! #io12

@sgaudin And they just rode bikes through the Moscone and up onto the keynote stage. Well done, Google! #io12

@sgaudin OK, now they're repelling down the side of the Moscone... still with the glasses on. What crazy PR team came up with this? #io12

@jr_raphael Seeing the jump through the guy's glasses. He landed on the roof! #io12

@sgaudin The chutes opened and the guys are safely down. And, yes, the glasses video caught the whole jump. #io12

@sgaudin OK, Google gets props for the coolest product demo ever. And the glasses even worked. #io12

@sgaudin I love you, Computerworld, but I'm not jumping out of a plane for you. Sorry. #io12

@jr_raphael Live chat with people in a blimp over Moscone Center. They're gonna parachute down. Well, that's an interesting demo. #io12

@sgaudin I hope they're getting hazard pay for this! #io12

@sgaudin Google showing live video of guys parachuting with their computerized glasses on. Live video streaming from the glasses. #io12

@jr_raphael Sergey Brin just ran on stage wearing the Google glasses. Knew there had to be some sort of surprise in store... #io12

@sgaudin Thank God for Sergey and Google Glass. The Google+ talk was getting a bit boring. Now people are awake. #io12

@sgaudin And Sergey is wearing the glasses! #io12

@sgaudin And here's Sergey! Co-founder just ran on stage. #io12

@jr_raphael Lots of talk about Google+ Events now. Looks nice, but feels a bit anticlimactic after all the Jelly Bean/Nexus stuff. #io12

@sgaudin Gundotra showing off new Google+ Events. I'm not getting the excitement around this one. #io12

@jr_raphael New G+ apps available for Android tablets and phones today, though. Both include new "Events" feature with Goog Calendar integration. #io12

@jr_raphael Ah: iPad version "coming soon." I assume Apple's in no rush to approve this one. #io12

@jr_raphael Google+ tablet app launches today! Android and iOS, from the looks of it. Took 'em long enough, but it looks really slick. #io12

@jr_raphael Here's a plus: no repeated use of the word "magical" here today. #io12

@jr_raphael Nexus Q works with video, too. Can play videos from YouTube, digital library, to any connected TV, all wireless. $300, ships in July. #io12

@sgaudin Google taking pre-orders for Nexus Q today and it's expected to start shipping in July. #io12

@jr_raphael Play music from cloud anywhere in your house. Separate room controls. Reminiscent of Sonos. #io12

@jr_raphael Nexus Q is the home entertainment device we first heard about last year. Interfaces directly with TV/audio systems. Looks very cool. #io12

@jr_raphael Another new Nexus device, this one built by Google. Nexus Q, a small Android-powered home computer. Looks like a ball. Interesting.... #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Nexus Q offers access to Android content in the cloud.Showing round device.

@sgaudin Hey, that's not an upgrade to the Magic 8 Ball, is it?? #io12

@sgaudin Nexus Q: The black ball of home entertainment? #io12

@jr_raphael Nexus 7 tablet: the price is the killer feature. #io12

@jr_raphael Orders open for Nexus 7 today. Ships in mid-July. $199, includes $25 credit for Google Play Store. #io12

@sgaudin Sorry. Not so fast... Starting today you can order Nexus 7 with shipments starting in July. #io12

@jr_raphael Seems like the home screen stuff is likely just widget-based, though, so probably just custom default setup for Nexus 7. #io12

@sgaudin Nexus 7 available today at a starting price of $199. #io12

@jr_raphael Seems like most of the content-focused software stuff is part of 4.1. Not yet clear if it'll come to other phones/tablets like that. #io12

@sgaudin Google Maps gets a good showing on the new tablet. #io12

@jr_raphael Honestly, with the specs, UI, and overall software experience, Kindle Fire looks like junk compared to this. If the price is right... #io12

@sgaudin Hey @jr_raphael, get out from under your chair. Face it, there's no new tablet under there. #io12

@jr_raphael Lots of focus on easy magazine/book reading, movie watching, etc. Content discovery. They want to out-Amazon Amazon. #io12

@sgaudin What? No Oprah moment? I've noticed several people around me checking under their seats for a new Nexus 7 tablet. #io12

@jr_raphael Google Play content shows up right on home screen at boot. Definitely trying to take on the Kindle Fire here. #io12

@jr_raphael Up to 9 hours video playback. 300 hours standby. Weighs 340 grams. Mentioned front-facing cam, but no rear cam. #io12

@sgaudin Google tablet also has 9 hours of video playback. That should cover most people's flight home. #io12

@sgaudin That's one multi-core tablet. Nexus 7 has Tegra 3 chipset with a quad-core CPU and a 12-core GPU. #io12

@jr_raphael 1280x800 HD display. Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, 12-core GPU. Not too shabby. #io12

@jr_raphael It's official: Nexus 7, made by Asus, running Android 4.1. "Built for Google Play." #io12

@sgaudin Google partnered with Asus to create the Nexus 7 tablet that runs Jelly Bean and Google Play. #io12

@matthamblen #io12 Speaking of tablets...Hugo unveiling...

@jr_raphael "Speaking of tablets," the presenter comes the big news. #io12

@sgaudin There it is. The magic word: TABLETS. The crowd is buzzing now. #io12

@jr_raphael More content in Google Play: You can now *buy* movies and TV shows to keep. Also magazines. Delayed, but delivered. #io12

@jr_raphael App updates will no longer require you to download full APK -- only the part that's actually updated. Whew. My data plan thanks you. #io12

@matthamblen app encryption coming in Jelly Bean, wow. #io12

@sgaudin Google introducing App Encryption. Developer crowd likes this one. #io12

@jr_raphael Talking about Google Play now. Lots of downloads, lots of apps. Great. Now let's see the damn tablet. ;-) #io12

@jr_raphael All those other devices? Hmm...Samsung? Motorola? Can you do this one in less than 9 months? Pretty please? #io12

@matthamblen Jelly Bean open source release is mid-July, plus three smartphones.#io12

@jr_raphael Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom getting Jelly Bean in mid-July. Also going open source at that time. SDK launches today. #io12

@sgaudin Jelly Bean released widely in mid-July but SDK available today. #io12

@jr_raphael The key to it seems to be that its all automated -- reads your info, habits, etc to provide you with contextual and useful info. #io12

@jr_raphael GoogNow can use location to sense how long it'll take you to get to an upcoming appt, then tell you when to leave to get there on time #io12

@sgaudin Google Now seems really helpful but not sure how I feel about my phone (essentially Google) knowing me so well. #io12

@sgaudin Google Now acts as your personal assistant. It knows your schedule and likes and dislikes based on history, calendar, searches. #io12

@jr_raphael And it's all optional, for anyone concerned about privacy implications. #io12

@matthamblen I prefer the Google automated voice over Siri, at least so far.#io12

@jr_raphael Okay, apparently that wasn't Google Now. Google Now puts together info from your search history, calendar, etc to give better results. #io12

@matthamblen cute factor: pigmy marmasets? #io12 in google search on android 4.1

@jr_raphael The info cards give you images, maps, etc -- and you can swipe them away to get to full search results, too. #io12

@sgaudin Take that Siri... Google showing of fast answers from Google Now. Ask a question, get a fast response. #io12

@jr_raphael Smart search works with voice, too -- ask a question and JB returns the answer, no formal Web search required. Seems to work fast. #io12

@matthamblen Search cards show up in Android 4.1 search. #io12

@sgaudin Only makes sense that Google is focusing on better search in Android. Voice Search. Google Now. #io12

@jr_raphael The Google Now thing seems like the Android equivalent to the intelligent search stuff we're seeing on Google's regular Web search. #io12

@jr_raphael New search feature called "Google Now" -- shows you graphical info cards with results relevant to your search. #io12

@jr_raphael Also noticed new clockate setup at top of notification pulldown. Looks slick. #io12

@jr_raphael Expanded notification actions for music playing, check-ins. Can expand any notification to show extra info with two-finger gesture. #io12

@jr_raphael Can email quick responses directly from calendar notifications -- telling attendees you're running late, for example. That's cool. #io12

@sgaudin Late for a meeting? Gmail gives you a faster way to reach out to your colleagues. #io12

@jr_raphael Actions built into notifications, like placing & ending calls. Gmail notification automatically expands to show you new message info. #io12

@jr_raphael Improved notifications in 4.1. This looks promising... #io12

@sgaudin Better sharing... Google's new Android feature lets you send someone a photo or video just by tapping your phones together. #io12

@jr_raphael Jelly Bean has two new Android Beam features: send photo or video, instant connect to Bluetooth via NFC. Take that, Samsung S Beam. #io12

@jr_raphael You can also swipe away photos you don't want to get rid of 'em. Glad to see they're building more swipe gestures throughout the OS. #io12

@jr_raphael Jelly Bean Camera app lets you quickly review photos you just took -- fewer steps required. Pinch on Camera to go to film strip view. #io12

@sgaudin Google introducing gesture mode so blind users can better use Android. #io12

@sgaudin Offline voice typing being launched for U.S. English but hoping to rollout more extensively "soon." #io12

@jr_raphael Offline voice typing initially for U.S. English -- more languages coming soon. #io12

@matthamblen Jelly bean has voice recognizer RIGHT on the device, not just over the air. #io12

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