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Computerworld will keep you updated on the latest about Microsoft's new Surface tablet. Computerworld's Matt Hamblen is in L.A. and at the event.


@kmingis: The #msft Surface certainly offers tablet buyers a a real option to the iPad. Devil in the details?

@matthamblen: #msft Ballmer wraps up: "We're very proud of Surface just like we're very proud of Windows 8. The Surface is a PC, a tablet and new."

@kmingis: I wonder how OEMs making ultrabooks or hybrid devices feel about the new #msft Surface.

@matthamblen: #msft Windows 8 Pro edition of Surface will be priced at level of other ultra PCs, available 3 months after Windows RT, but no dates yet.

@matthamblen: #msft Availability for Surface Win RT, avail in 32 and 64 Gb priced comparable to other ARM machines.

@matthamblen: #msft Seven layers in Touch cover, to keep at 3 mm. Windows RT demo shows keyboard measures touches 10x faster than others.

@matthamblen: #msft Touch cover has accelerometer built in, you never have to take it off to make into keyboard...I gotta see this to understand it.

@matthamblen: #msft Surface's Touch cover described: it had to be 3 mm thin, but still a great typing experience. Designed organically like a book.

@matthamblen: #msft OK, now we have the VaporMg case described. .77 mm credit card thick. pronounced vapor Mag, but it's magnesium

@matthamblen: Both #msft Surface tablets have 10.6-in. displays. Windows RT comes in 32 and 64 GB, while Windows 8 Pro comes in 64 and 128 GB versions.

@matthamblen: Spec sheet for two #msft Surface tablets…

@matthamblen: #msft Surface design team video now.

@matthamblen: #msft has a "Type Cover" as a second cover, with full track pad on the Surface which allows touch typing...Covers come in bunch of colors.

@matthamblen: This #msft Surface Windows 8 Pro has a display port, can copy a whole gig of pictures in 5 seconds. 5x faster than usb 2.0

@matthamblen: #msft shows how stylus can be used on Windows 8 Pro version of Surface, and pen clicks into the side.

@matthamblen: #msft This Surface Windows 8 Pro comes with Core i5. with perimeter vent to allow air to distribute air across entire PC

@matthamblen: #msft note to users, this Surface Windows 8 Pro comes with x86 chip

@kmingis: This is #msft Surface is a surprisingly powerful combo. Good to see some competition for the iPad.

@matthamblen: #msft Surface Windows 8 Pro is less than 2 pounds, called a full PC.

@matthamblen: Surface from #msft comes as Windows RT and as Windows 8 Pro, so two versions

@matthamblen: #msft Surface is really more in the iPad size of 9.7 in.

@matthamblen: Ok, it has a cover that turns into full multi-touch keyboard. Big cheer at #msft

@kmingis: The #msft Surface comes with with a built in kickstand.

@matthamblen: #msft Surface has a full USB port, with 16:9 form factor, gorilla glass. It comes with a cover!!

@matthamblen: Steven Sinofksy shows off Surface with dual MIMO antennas for better reception at #msft

@matthamblen: Leaked specs for Xbox Surface seem about what is being shown at #msft

@kmingis: Steven Sinofsky is out now to demo the new #msft Surface. 9.3mm thick, USB 2 and has a magnesium case. 1.5 pounds.

@kmingis: Ballmer says the #msft Surface is about hardware and software working together. How Apple-like.

@matthamblen: #msft video shows "whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft." Called Surface..he holds it up 7 inches or so

@matthamblen: #msft video shows mice,Xbox, Knect, all hardware Msft has built.

@kmingis: OK, so clearly the #msft announcement is about hardware, but that's not really a surprise.

@matthamblen: Video plays showing role of hardware at #msft.

@matthamblen: #msft Ballmer says "Today we want to add another bit of excitement to that Win8 story." #1 revenue in 1980 was hardware, soft card

@matthamblen: Ballmer at #msft: We're incredibly gratified by the response to Windows 08.

@matthamblen: Ballmer takes the stage at #msft

@matthamblen: Such a polite crowd for #msft...hmmm...

@matthamblen: no videotaping during #msft event, which starts NOW.

@kmingis: Aaaaand the big #msft event is officially running late.

@matthamblen: There's an after event at #msft set for 5:50 PT so this could be a long haul.

@matthamblen: Inside #msft event and wifi works so far ...seems to be about 300 attending. Starting soon.

@matthamblen: Long line at #msft event waiting to get in

@matthamblen: Here's new Xbox Surface tablet specs that could be today's #msft mystery news. We'll see.

@matthamblen: Excellent FAQ on Windows RT by the Keizermeister, as we await the mystery #msft

@matthamblen: Reasons a Microsoft-branded tablet makes sense as we all ponder the coming #msft

@kmingis: RT @gkeizer: FAQ: All about Windows RT, the OS inside the tablet Microsoft likely to announce today. #msft #windowsrt

@matthamblen: The only thing solid that we know is that #msft is having an event today at Milk Studio in L.A.. Just sayin'

@matthamblen: So many rumors and bad many reporters does to take cover a mystery #Msft event at an L.A. studio? Apparently none.

@kmingis: In case you missed this: Why Microsoft should make its own tablets (and phones and PCs). @mike_elgan #msft

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