Living in the future

Flashback to 1975, when this pilot fish and her husband both work for a big state university -- fish in IT and her husband in the chemistry department.

"To run jobs on the university mainframe, we each had access to a remote job entry (RJE) station in our respective buildings, across campus from each other," says fish. "The RJE stations each had a card reader for submitting jobs, a printer for the output, and a CRT for entering $HASP commands to control the jobs.

"One afternoon we were both working on projects. I went to my RJE station to submit my last job of the day, and saw a job pop up on the screen with my husband's name on it.

"Realizing that he was probably standing at his RJE station, I used the $HASP message command to send, 'Last run -- be ready to go in half an hour.' He responded, 'Got a couple more hours -- come on over.'

"The next day I was gently reprimanded by my manager for my use of university resources. He told me, 'You know, they don't build major data networks just so that folks can send personal messages back and forth!'"

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