The Google I/O Countdown Contest: Win some awesome Android swag!

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Google I/O Countdown Contest

Google's annual I/O developers' conference is creeping up fast -- and we're counting down the days with some seriously awesome Android giveaways.

This week, we've got something special in store: a huge pile of standout Android swag to send to Android fans around the country. This is some top-notch stuff; all of the prizes were featured in my recent collection, "The coolest Android accessories around."

Here's what's up for grabs:

• Four Android Squishables (one regular, one mini, and two micro). Who wouldn't want one of these huggable little buggers to squeeze?

Android Squishable

• Four Andru USB phone chargers. They're desk trinkets and universal chargers combined: Plug the robot's legs into a wall outlet, snap the microUSB cable into his head, and presto-change-o! Your phone's ready to be refilled.

Andru Charger

• Seven Exploded Andy t-shirts. An Android classic and an artist original -- not to mention one of the coolest clothing items you could possibly wear.

Exploded Andy Shirt

• Six Android Mini Collectibles by Andrew Bell. You've seen 'em, you've loved 'em, you've coveted 'em. We've got two Series 02 models, two limited-edition Power Vampire models, and two standard models to give away.

Android Mini Collectibles

• Five USB robot card-reader sets by Brando. Each robot-shaped case holds two robot-shaped keychains that double as microSD-to-USB card readers. Just try to out-geek that.

USB Robot

All in all, a whopping 26 people will win this week. Think you should be one of them? Grab your nearest lucky charm and get ready to enter.

The Google I/O Countdown Contest: How to Enter

For this week's giveaway, you have four different ways you can enter. You're welcome to enter up to one time per method per day.

• Entry Method #1: Leave a comment on this page, below. Any ol' comment will do; just be sure to use a valid email address or social media account so we can reach you if you win.

• Entry Method #2: Follow @AndroidPower on Twitter and tweet the following:

The Google I/O Countdown Contest: Win some awesome Android swag! #AndroidPower

• Entry Method #3: Publicly share this page on Google+. (If you like chatting about all things Android, feel free to circle me while you're there, too.)

• Entry Method #4: Like my Facebook page and leave a comment on the Countdown Contest post on my wall. (NOTE: You need to leave a comment on the post in order to enter; comments left on the wall itself will not make it into the drawing.)

Easy enough, right? You have until 3:00 p.m. ET this Friday, June 8, to enter. Again, you can enter up to one time per method per day -- so yes, you're more than welcome to enter once in the comments, once on Twitter, once on Google+, and once on Facebook each day, if you're so inclined. Any entries beyond that will not be counted and will risk disqualification and/or forced use of Microsoft Kin phones for the next 37 years.

Now for the always-fun fine print: You must live within the U.S. to win (sorry, international readers -- limited shipping budget!). You must be following @AndroidPower in order to be included in the drawing on the Twitter side; you must be an active member ("liker") of the JR Raphael Facebook page in order to have your Facebook entries counted; and you must share this page publicly in order for your entry to be counted on Google+ (if it isn't shared publicly, we have no way to see and thus include it in the drawing). If you work for IDG, you can't win. If you're dead, undead, or in 90s pop sensation Right Said Fred, you aren't allowed to enter. And finally, if you've won any other Android Power giveaway within the past six months, sorry -- you aren't eligible.

We'll compile all the entries and then randomly pick a winner shortly after the end of the contest period. If you win, you'll be notified directly via social media or email, depending on how you entered. You'll have 24 hours to respond and claim your prize; if you don't respond within 24 hours, your win will be forfeited and we'll draw another name. The winner will also be announced on Twitter, via @AndroidPower, and posted on this page.

Good luck! And remember, the Google I/O Countdown Contest continues all month. Keep your eyes on Android Power next week for another chance to win something spectacular.

UPDATE [6/8/12]: Congratulations to the following winners:

Damien Raine (regular Android Squishable), Ron Jackson (Android Squishable Mini), Chris Gunter (Android Squishable Micro), Preston Kiser (Android Squishable Micro), Tony Simons (Andru charger), Scott Dean (Andru charger), Steven Crisostomo (Andru charger), Pete Yagmin (Andru charger), Jessica Lagana (Exploded Andy shirt), Matthew Morrison (Exploded Andy shirt), Jon Koch (Exploded Andy shirt), Russ Matthews (Exploded Andy shirt), Mike Wilton (Exploded Andy shirt), Michael Grasser (Exploded Andy shirt), Kristen P. (Exploded Andy shirt), Randy Gilbert (Android Mini Collectible - original), Ivan Cervantes (Android Mini Collectible - original), Daniel Flowers (Android Mini Collectible - Power Vampire), Rusty Epstein (Android Mini Collectible - Power Vampire), Emily Lundsten (Android Mini Collectible - Series 02), J. Rieslin (Android Mini Collectible - Series 02), Andrew Brandt (USB robot card-reader set), Dave Hamblin (USB robot card-reader set), Danny Shokouhi (USB robot card-reader set), Lauren Hysek (USB robot card-reader set), and Ruben Martinez (USB robot card-reader set). Whew!

Plug in, turn on. Follow @AndroidPower on Twitter or subscribe via RSS and always stay connected.

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