Facebook Camera for iPhone: 5 reactions

Facebook has released its latest app: Camera for iPhone. I've been reading the reviews, and I'd say it's good news for Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), for a change. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers seem to like it, despite its suspicious similarity to Instagram.  

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Google Beatbox...

Cameron Scott brings us the facts, ma'am:

Camera will initially be available for...iPhones. It includes 15 of the kinds of filters popularized by Instagram. ... The company did not use Instagram's technology to build the app.


Facebook has recently been trying to provide a richer experience on mobile devices. ... Camera is Facebook's second supplementary mobile app. The other is Messenger.   

Ellis Hamburger makes me feel hungry: [Me too -Ed.]

[P]roduct manager Dirk Stoop told me [it's] focused on letting you share photos as quickly as possible...in higher-resolution. ... To Stoop, sharing moments often means sharing multiple photos, which is the main focus of Facebook Camera.


Once you're in, you're presented with a user interface that looks nothing like Facebook...and is a whole lot faster, too. ... [It's] easy to swipe sideways to view multiple large photos inside one News Feed story.


Facebook Camera just instantly became the best way to upload photos to the social network.   

Ian Paul wants some new friends:

After paying $1 billion dollars for Instagram about six weeks ago, Facebook recently launched its own Instagram clone. ... So I grabbed Facebook Camera off the App Store...[and]saw the kinds of photos you always see on Facebook. ... Facebook Camera sucks...because my Facebook friends generally share crappy photos.


Contrast that with Instagram where people...publicly broadcast amazing shots of exotic food or a great view...while Facebook users are sharing moments that don’t necessarily translate into great photos.   

Patrick Moorhead wonders why Facebook bought Instagram:

Over the last six months, Instagram has been siphoning users off of Facebook. ... Instagram had staying power. Instagram posed a long-term threat. ... [But] Facebook Camera is one of the best photo apps I have used.


[There's only] one rationale to purchase Instagram. It was all about eliminating the competitive threat.   

Alexandra Chang has the analysis:

Facebook wants to make clear that Facebook Camera...and Instagram are two separate entities.


Still, Facebook has...borrowed a lot from Instagram. First...Camera is fast. And it has plenty of filters you can use, giving your pics that oh-so-popular lo-fi look. ... The overall layout is not unlike Instagram’s. Photos are presented in square format.


While Instagram has a huge user base...Facebook is vastly larger. ... Facebook Camera caters to this audience.   


And Finally...
Google Beatbox

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